Artificial Grass For the Home

3 reasons to use Dubai artificial grass

A well maintained natural lawn can look incredible and nurturing your lawn into fantastic shape can be incredibly rewarding. Can be!! The problem is that it requires a huge amount of work to keep up appearances, just one or two days of slacking can quickly result in a much less attractive finish to your lawn. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for stripes or a more natural yet fine and even look, if you want a lawn like you see on gardening shows and in gardening magazines, you must be prepared to put in a lot of work. Or, alternatively, if you are busy with work, family, school, or just general day to day living, you could do what millions of people all over the world with the same goals and aspirations as you are doing, and install artificial grass Dubai in their gardens. Still need a little more convincing? No problem.

Dubai artificial grass is Cleaner

Artificial grass Dubai is ideal if you enjoy a clean home, clean clothes, clean shoes, and a clean garden. As Dubai artificial grass doesn’t grow naturally it doesn’t need soil to thrive.  Instead, the specially designed fibres are fitted to a porous backing and as a result as there is no soil and consequently no dirt or mud. That means that whether it’s wet or dry, you still won’t have to worry about getting muddy and dirty after venturing out into the garden.

No more weeds

Weeds are the bane of any gardener’s life, they’re the Lex Luther to their superman, the Joker to their Batman, and various other well known villains….. Gardeners spend more time digging up and treating weeds than anything else, and if you’re sick to the back teeth of having to deal with weeds on your lawn,  Dubai artificial grass is perfect. This  backing material as well as a thick geo-textile membrane provide a thick and protective layer preventing weeds from emerging. Combine that with the Dubai artificial grass silica sand layer and your lawn will look immaculate and entirely weed-free.

No water, pesticides, or fertilizer required

Another great benefit of Dubai artificial grass is that it requires no water, no fertilizer and no pesticides in which not only saves you money, it also saves time and effort as well. There is no need for water or and it stays green all year around.

Long story short with Dubai artificial grass your lawn will look immaculate and well-maintained all year round without having to lift a finger.

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Artificial Grass For Swimming Pools

Dubai artificial turf – make the right choice!

In today’s world, many of us barely have time to eat never mind spend time in our gardens cutting grass, watering, weeding, and carrying out general maintenance every single week. Whilst having a grassy garden is extremely appealing for some, especially those of you who can’t bear to look at dull grey stone and concrete every single day. It has to be said that looking after a real lawn garden is far from easy, especially if you find yourself struggling for time. The good news however, is that there is an alternative to horrible looking concrete and boring gravel, in the form of Dubai artificial turf. Dubai artificial turf  is just as it sounds, an artificial form of grass made from realistic and safe materials that is designed to provide the same fantastic look as a well maintained garden, with the added bonus of requiring very little maintenance at all. If we’ve gotten your attention, here are a few reasons why you should choose dubai artificial turf for your home, business, villa, or anywhere else for that matter.

Dubai artificial turf will Save You Money

It will save you money – Who doesn’t like saving money in this day and age? Well, the good news is that with Dubai artificial turf., you can save a small fortune in a relatively short period of time. Unlike real grass, artificial grass requires no watering, no fertilizing, no cutting and therefore fuel or electricity, and generally no maintenance in the slightest, so you won’t need to employ a gardener either. You basically have an ultra-realistic lush green garden in the best possible condition all year long.

Strong & Durable

It is strong and durable – As it’s synthetic, many people worry that Dubai artificial turf is not going to be very strong or durable and that it will rip and tear underfoot leaving you with a whopping great hole in the middle of your lawn. In reality however, Dubai artificial turf is incredibly strong and is much stronger than real grass which can quickly be destroyed in high-traffic areas and by heavy footed individuals and animals. Dubai artificial turf remains strong and durable and is unaffected even after it may have taken a bit of a beating.

Looks Fabulous

It looks fabulous – Ever noticed how great real grass looks after it’s been well watered and then neatly cut? Well,Dubai artificial turf will look even better than this, with the added bonus of staying the same length, the same vibrant green colour, and in exactly the same condition it was when you first purchased it. Each blade of the grass looks ultra-realistic and many can’t even tell the difference between real and synthetic, even when they get down on their hands and knees and take a closer look.


It’s eco-friendly – Another reason you may want to consider Dubai artificial turf is the fact that it is eco-friendly and is therefore kind to animals, humans, and the environment in general. It is made using safe, non-toxic materials. It also requires no watering so less water is wasted, and there is also no need for pesticides or fertilizers, which can actually be harmful.

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Artificial Grass For Golf

An Artificial putting green in Dubai

Golf is one of the most popular and enjoyable sports in the entire world and it is enjoyed in countries all across the globe. If you have ever played golf, you won’t need anybody to tell you that it can also be the most frustrating sport on the face of the earth. When you’re playing well, there’s no finer game, but when you’re dropping shots left, right, and centre, it can bring out in a rage in you that would make the incredible Hulk look like a church mouse. Golf is very much a game of consistency as all it takes is one poor hole or one dropped shot to make a great round into an awful round. For many people, putting is by far the hardest aspect of golf as they will make it to the green no problem, but will then drop shots trying to get the ball into a hole from a few yards away. With golf, particularly putting, practice makes perfect so why not consider an artificial putting green for your backyard? These artificial grass putting greens are proving incredibly popular and here’s a look at how they could help you to improve your golf game.

You can practice your putting – The only way you’re ever going to become a better golfer is by practicing, particularly your putting. Even if you feel your putting is a strong point, experts recommend practising at least 2 hours each week, spaced out over several days. Having an artificial putting green installed in your garden in Dubai means that you can practise your putting to your heart’s content. You can work on your short putts, your long putts, trick shots, or anything putting related for that matter.

You can practice chipping – Another benefit of an artificial putting green is the fact that you can also practice chipping onto the artificial putting greens from further away in your garden. Pitching and chipping are two more incredibly vital aspects of golf, so you would be wise to focus on these aspects of your golf game as opposed to just your putting.

They’re a whole heap of fun – If you were to have a natural putting green in your garden, you would need to maintain the grass and cut it incredibly finely, pretty much every single day. They require constant water, care, maintenance and attention and are just not practical. An artificial putting green however is perfect because it can play the finest green you would find on a professional golf course. It then has the added bonus of requiring virtually no maintenance in the slightest. Because of this, you and your friends can focus on practising and having fun instead. Having fun on an artificial putting green and enjoying what you’re doing is only going to serve as motivation to help you get better and better.

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football artificial grass

4 benefits of artificial football grass

Football Grass in Dubai

Football grass actually got its big break in the sports world as it was used in a variety of different sports pitches. To this day, artificial football grass is still incredibly popular in the sporting world, especially Dubai as it’s used commonly in sports such as soccer, football, hockey, rugby, and tennis, to name but a few. As the years have gone by the technology of artificial football grass in Dubai has advanced at an extraordinary rate and the finished products these days are now incredibly lifelike and provide a long list of different benefits when compared with natural football grass. Just a few of these benefits include the following:

It can be used at all times – The problem with natural football grass is that it can quickly become worn down with overuse as well as being heavily affected by the elements. Think about the winter for example, the soil can become frozen and hard, making it far too dangerous to be played on. Artificial football grass in Dubai however is not affected by overuse or the elements so the pitches can be played on at all times, whatever the weather.

It looks incredibly lifelike – Another benefit of artificial football grass in Dubai is the fact that the football grass in looks extremely lifelike and realistic, helping it to retain all of the characteristics associated with natural football grass. This is not only great for the players, but it’s also great for spectators as well.

It’s softer than regular football grass – Most sports are pretty physical which means players will slip, trip and fall. If the ground is especially hard underneath it could be incredibly dangerous. Artificial football grass in Dubai is ideal because it is much softer and far more forgiving than natural football grass. That means that it’s much safer as accidents and injuries are much less likely to occur.

Less maintenance – Maintaining a real sports pitch is an absolute nightmare for the groundkeepers as not only does the football grass have to be cut on a regular basis, the turf also gets dug up, turned over, and generally disrupted after each game. This means that new seeds have to be planted, or new turf has to be laid regularly, which is not only difficult and time consuming, it’s also very expensive. Artificial football grass in Dubai sports pitches require far less maintenance because they’re much more hard wearing, artificial football grass doesn’t grow or get churned into mud, and it doesn’t need fertilizing or treating with pesticides.

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artificial grass for schools in dubai

Fake grass Dubai improves safety in kids playgrounds

Fake grass for children – why you should consider it.

Our children are our lives and we will do all that we can to ensure that they’re safe and happy at all times. If you have children you’ll also know that looking after them is certainly no easy feat as as it’s a 24/7 job to make sure that they’re safe and are keeping out of trouble. When they’re babies it’s bad enough, but once they’re able to walk, and *gasp, run, things get really difficult. Kids will trip, slip, jump, bang, and fall; there’s no getting around that fact. The only issue is making sure that when they do take a tumble, they simply get back up, dust themselves off, and carry on playing. The playground, for example, is a kid’s best friend, yet it can also be potentially dangerous. Schools and nurseries are now turning to fake grass Dubai to help improve children’s safety in their playgrounds. More and more playgrounds all over the world are installing fake grass Dubai as their default flooring in their playgrounds and the results are extremely impressive. Here’s a look at how fake grass Dubai can help improve children’s safety in the playground.

Less chance of slipping – As natural grass gets trampled on it eventually dies and the earth and dirt beneath the grass is then exposed. This dirt can turn to mud in high traffic areas and the mud can then become very slippery. Slippery surfaces and young excitable children do not mix. Even if the grass remains in relatively decent condition. Fake grass Dubai however, is designed so that at the it is porous and the water drains straight through which means children have more grip and traction underfoot, and are less likely to slip. As this fake grass Dubai can never die, there is no need to worry about slippery mud either.

It’s much softer – Although there is less chance of a child slipping on fake grass Dubai, children do still slip and trip and they are still going to fall. Instead of falling on hard soil and dirt beneath a thin layer of natural grass however, the kids will fall instead on the fake grass Dubai, which is much softer and helps to absorb the impact of the fall, cushioning the blow making it much safer for your kids.

No nasty surprises hidden in long grass and the dirt – In playgrounds all over the world, bugs and creepy crawlies and pets are attracted to grass. Dog owners should clear up after their animals but they unfortunately don’t always. This mess can then get trampled into the grass and dirt, and can become hidden. Animal mess is very dangerous, which is why fake grass Dubai is so effective. Not only does fake grass Dubai deter animals from using the playground as their toilet, but, as the grass never grows, any excrement which may have been left will be far more visible. This is true for other harmful materials including broken glass and sharp objects which can be hidden by long grass and trampled into the mud.


Fake grass Dubai for schools and nurseries

Artificial Grass For Retail & Interiors

Commercial artificial grass in Dubai

The business world in Dubai is highly competitive and extremely challenging. Get certain things right however, and it can also be incredibly rewarding. In order to succeed with our businesses we need to think outside of the box, take risks and try slightly more unconventional methods of getting your brand out there. Commercial artificial grass is a great way to do just that!!  Here are some reasons why you should consider the green leap with some commercial artificial grass for your business.

More time to work ON your business

Time – The great thing about commercial artificial grass in Dubai is the fact that once it is fitted, that’s pretty much it, nothing more to worry about. As it doesn’t grow, there is no need to for gardeners to cut the grass. It doesn’t require any water or chemicals to keep it green so again, less time spent on the grass means more time spent knocking out spreadsheets in the office!

We can save you money

Money – Any businessman will tell you that one of the most important aspects of business is keeping the cost of your overheads down. Ok, commercial artificial grass does cost more than real grass initially, but overtime it will quickly pay for itself. No gardeners to pay and it doesn’t require maintenance so you can cut those costs straight away. Above all else, it doesn’t need any water so your water bill will be considerably less each year as well.

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artificial grass is great for pets

Artificial grass Dubai is great for pets

Is artificial grass Dubai right for you and your pets?

Over the last decade or so artificial grass has become increasingly popular and is now a common sight in homes, villas, hotels, apartments, leisure centres all over the world. Artificial grass technology has advanced in such a huge way over the last few years that many people struggle to actually tell the difference between synthetic grass and real, natural grass. There are a number of reasons why people choose to fit artificial turf in their gardens. Some prefer it as it’s far less hassle than real grass, some prefer the way it looks and some have it because grass is just not a viable option where they live. In hotter parts of the world, Dubai and the UAE for example it’s extremely hot and hardly any rain which means grass struggles to grow. Artificial turf in Dubai provides a solution to that particular problem. Let’s not be selfish though, after all it’s not about us is it? Our Dubai pets can also benefit from a garden full of artificial grass. Here are 3 reasons why artificial grass provides greener living for you, and your pets.

No muddy paw prints in the house 

One common drawback associated with real grass is the fact that when it does rain, or when it’s just naturally damp, sand and mud from a natural lawn can get everywhere, including on our pets. If we let our dogs, cats, or any other pet outside to play when they come back in the house they’ll trample muddy paw prints on your floors and get mud all over your furniture. Artificial grass requires no soil and therefore will never turn muddy, even in the rain. This means your pets can play outside to their heart’s content and will come back in just as clean and possibly even cleaner than when they went out!

No risk of toxins

Household pets tend to eat most things in the garden, including the grass. Natural grass itself isn’t harmful to them but if the grass has been treated with weed killers, pesticides, and other chemicals and then this could cause some serious problems. Artificial grass requires no chemicals at all to keep it looking great so your pets can spend all day on the synthetic grass without any exposure to nasty toxins.

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Water conservation Dubai

How synthetic turf is able to conserve Dubai water resources

When it comes to hot parts of the world, Dubai is up there as being one of the hottest locations on the planet. For much of the year, even during the winter months, the sky is often clear and blue and the sun often bakes and scorches the earth with temperatures  reaching record breaking highs. The weather is most commonly dry and sunny and as a result, not much rain falls here in Dubai. As there is not as much rain as in other parts of the world, water resources are low and diminishing every day. Many homeowners in Dubai account for a large percentage of their monthly water usage on their gardens, most commonly on their lawns. In order for lawns to remain green, they need two things: sunshine, and water. They have sunshine, in fact they have an abundance of sunshine, but they don’t have the water without human intervention. It is notoriously difficult for grass to grow in this part of the world as the hot sun simply bakes, scorches, and dries out the earth, killing the natural grass. The good news however, is that Dubai’s water issue is slowly beginning to show signs of improvements with the many initiatives currently taking place in and around the city.  Synthetic turf also known as artificial grass is also beginning to play it’s part in helping to conserve water, one garden at a time.

What is synthetic turf? – Artificial grass, also known as synthetic grass, synthetic turf, and Astroturf, is a product designed to look and feel exactly like real grass, except it is made from safe, natural, non-toxic synthetic materials instead. More and more businesses and households are choosing artificial grass as it requires very, very little maintenance, it doesn’t grow. It’s strong, it isn’t destroyed by hot sunshine, and it stays a deep, lush, green colour all year long. It basically provides an eco-friendly, low hassle, cost-effective alternative to real natural grass, and it is becoming more popular with each passing day.

 How is artificial grass helping to conserve Dubai’s water resources? – As mentioned, the temperatures in Dubai are extremely high for much of the year, even in the cooler winter months. The climate is very hot with scorching temperatures and not much rain. Because of this, grass really struggles to grow in this part of the world. Real grass in Dubai is often a dull yellow or brown colour because it has been scorched by the sun and hasn’t had enough water for it to grow properly. Keen gardeners in Dubai will often water their lawns daily, sometimes even twice daily, for prolonged periods of time, and as a result they are using large quantities of water each day which is draining on the local resources. Artificial grass however, is slowly providing a solution to this problem because more and more properties are getting rid of their old dead lawns and are replacing them with synthetic grass and lawns instead. These lawns look almost identical to real lawns, but as they don’t actually grow naturally, they don’t need watering and the sunshine cannot kill the grass either. As there is no need for the grass to be watered, properties with synthetic grass lawns are simply using much less water than they would have previously when they had a natural lawn, and this is doing wonders for natural water resources in the United Arab Emirates, especially Dubai.

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synthetic grass dubai

Synthetic turf or natural grass – which is better?

Thanks to the vast increase in popularity of synthetic turf, over the last few years, more and more households now have artificial grass in their gardens in Dubai than ever before. Because of this, one of the most common questions that people ask concerning their gardens is which is better out of synthetic turf or real, natural grass. Well, in truth, you can’t really answer that question definitively, because it’s all down to a matter of personal preference, and perhaps a person’s unique circumstances. It’s like asking which is the better colour, red or yellow? Some people like red, whilst others like yellow. If any of the following applies to you however, then you may very well be better suited to synthetic turf. We’ll now be looking at a few circumstances in which synthetic grass in Dubai could prove to be the wiser choice when compared with real grass.

You don’t have very much spare time – Let’s face it, there aren’t really enough hours in the day at the best of times, especially if you’re holding down a job, studying, and/or looking after children and animals, and keeping your home clean, tidy, and respectable. If you’re really struggling for time, looking after a garden, particularly in the summer when natural grass tends to thrive in the right conditions, can be a real time consuming experience. In this instance, you would be far better suited to synthetic turf  in Dubai because it requires far less maintenance, care and attention. One of the main benefits of synthetic grass in Dubai is the fact that it saves so much time so on days when you do have a little time to yourself, you aren’t watering, mowing, fertilizing and digging up weeds when you could be relaxing in the garden.

You’re trying to save money – If you’re actively trying to save money and cut back on your household bills and general spending, synthetic turf in Dubai could prove very useful indeed.  In hotter parts of the world like Dubai and the United Arab Emirates many households pay a great deal on their water bills, because the grass needs so much water. Even in cooler in more stable climates, water usage still adds up, as does the costs of electricity for lawnmowers, weed killers, pesticides and fertilizers. Synthetic Dubai grass requires none of the above so your bills will be greatly reduced.

You want a nice looking garden on a budget – If you’re looking for an attractive looking garden but don’t have the time or the money to maintain a real one, artificial grass is perfect because it looks so incredibly attractive and natural. Imagine a freshly mowed lawn, in the best condition possible and that’s pretty much how your lawn will look all year round. Basically, once you choose which synthetic grass Dubai you like the look of, you get to enjoy it for years upon years to come, in pretty much the same fantastic condition as when you purchased it brand new.

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high quality fake grass dubai

The Highest Quality Fake Grass in Dubai

When you need fake grass, you want the finest products available on the market. What if you could have the highest quality artificial grass from Dubai, delivered and installed  at a price you can afford? Now thanks to Easigrass, you can have it all.

We are well-known for being the world’s most trusted installer of the highest quality fake grass. Whatever you interior or exterior needs we are the experts who will always exceed your every expectation.

Easigrass supply and install fake grass at residential properties, sports, leisure, commercial and retail premises as well as educational and child friendly environments. Having completed over 50,000 projects worldwide you can feel confident that you will be buying the best products and having them installed by the most experienced of fake grass teams.

Not only is our artificial grass the most realistic looking, it is manufactured to the highest safety standards. All products come with UV defenders to stay protected from the fierce heat of the sun to ensure it looks perfect for many years to come.

At Easigrass Dubai, we believe if it’s not perfect, it’s not finished.  We care a lot about you, your family, your health and happiness. We do this by installing the highest quality of fake grass, so get in touch with the leading Dubai fake grass experts.

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