artificial grass is great for pets

Artificial grass Dubai is great for pets

Is artificial grass Dubai right for you and your pets?

Over the last decade or so artificial grass has become increasingly popular and is now a common sight in homes, villas, hotels, apartments, leisure centres all over the world. Artificial grass technology has advanced in such a huge way over the last few years that many people struggle to actually tell the difference between synthetic grass and real, natural grass. There are a number of reasons why people choose to fit artificial turf in their gardens. Some prefer it as it’s far less hassle than real grass, some prefer the way it looks and some have it because grass is just not a viable option where they live. In hotter parts of the world, Dubai and the UAE for example it’s extremely hot and hardly any rain which means grass struggles to grow. Artificial turf in Dubai provides a solution to that particular problem. Let’s not be selfish though, after all it’s not about us is it? Our Dubai pets can also benefit from a garden full of artificial grass. Here are 3 reasons why artificial grass provides greener living for you, and your pets.

No muddy paw prints in the house 

One common drawback associated with real grass is the fact that when it does rain, or when it’s just naturally damp, sand and mud from a natural lawn can get everywhere, including on our pets. If we let our dogs, cats, or any other pet outside to play when they come back in the house they’ll trample muddy paw prints on your floors and get mud all over your furniture. Artificial grass requires no soil and therefore will never turn muddy, even in the rain. This means your pets can play outside to their heart’s content and will come back in just as clean and possibly even cleaner than when they went out!

No risk of toxins

Household pets tend to eat most things in the garden, including the grass. Natural grass itself isn’t harmful to them but if the grass has been treated with weed killers, pesticides, and other chemicals and then this could cause some serious problems. Artificial grass requires no chemicals at all to keep it looking great so your pets can spend all day on the synthetic grass without any exposure to nasty toxins.

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