A Perfect Garden In Dubai

Artificial grass in Dubai could be your answer to your perfect garden

It is a wonderful feeling to be surrounded by lush, green, beautifully manicured grass. A well kept lawn feels great to walk on and smells amazing when it’s freshly cut, but, as we are all very aware, we live in a desert, not just a desert but a coastal desert; a combination that makes it almost impossible to peer through the kitchen window over your picture perfect croquet lawn.

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The simple fact is, it is very difficult to grow natural grass in the UAE. We all want our gardens to look as inviting as possible but if your lawn is shaded or isn’t tended to night and day it is almost impossible to grow natural grass, the result being dirty, patchy and sandy areas. As any keen gardener in Dubai will tell you, there really is no remedy for this situation apart from an Emirates Golf Club greenskeeper camped in your garden 24/7. As well as the problems associated with shade there are many other reasons why natural grass can refuse to grow as yo want it to; these include over and under watering, the wrong type of grass for the region, poor maintenance, chlorine from pools and the list goes on.

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synthetic grass garden villas

A growing market trend in the UAE is to replace natural grass with artificial grass. Waving goodbye to your natural grass and introducing an artificial lawn means you never need to give these tiresome issues another thought and your grass will be lovely and green all year round. Fake grass needs no water to keep it green which is also great for reducing your water bill and kinder on the environment as well. Turning off the sprinklers can reduce water consumption by up to 60%.

artificial grass for swimming-pools

When Easigrass is combined with a shock pad it creates a bouncy, padded surface, perfect below a climbing frame or where children are playing. Not only is it nice and soft in case they take a tumble but they’ll also come back in clean, not covered in sand and mud! Artificial grass also gets rid of those creepy crawlies lurking in your lawn as well as the poisonous pesticides and herbicides that you need to keep a natural lawn alive. 

Admittedly you will have to live without the smell of fresh cut grass but that’s a small sacrifice to make for an easy garden life!

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