Artificial grass for your home in Dubai


Easigrass™ is designed for and perfectly suited to garden life. Our grasses, designed in the UK, look so real that they are often mistaken for the real thing. It has taken us years to prefect our design but we believe that our products are the most realistic anywhere in the world. As a testament to our design our Chelsea grass won a Gold medal at the Royal Chelsea Flower Show in 2012, a first for any artificial grass worldwide.

Artificial grass turns your garden in to the perfect place for kids to play games, for parties, for pets and for simply relaxing with the family.


artificial grass for kids Dubai UAE

Artificial Grass For Kids

The Easigrass™ artificial grass system creates a safe surface that will encourage your kids to spend more time in the garden. The sun-baked ground in the UAE can become extremely hard; it can become so hard that any child falling over could easily injure themselves.

As part of our artificial lawn system we offer an Easi-shockpad underlay which is placed under our Easigrass™ and will produce a certified ‘critical fall height’ of 2.1m, or more if required, so if your kids fall they won’t hurt themselves. At Easigrass™ we want your kids to have as much fun in the garden as possible but we also want to protect them from injury. We always recommend to Easi-shockpad to keep the little ones safe.


If you have pets, artificial grass is the perfect surface for your garden. It is so suitable for pets that kennels often install artificial grass in their exercise runs. The durable nature of the grass and the way it is constructed means that any urine drains straight through. Anything more solid can be removed easily. The grass won’t be harmed by their mess and there won’t be any staining or smells.

artificial grass for pets Dubai UAE
artificial grass for swimming pools Dubai UAE

Swimming Pools

It is extremely difficult keeping grass by the side of a swimming pool looking its best, especially if it’s continually walked on when wet. We’ve all seen those muddy patches by the side of pools.

Synthetic grass will keep your pool surround in perfect condition and looking green all year. Just as importantly though because you never need to cut artificial grass you don’t need to worry about cuttings and dirt from the lawn mower entering the pool and blocking the filters.

Terraces, Balconies & Roof Gardens

Have you have ever looked at your balcony and wondered how you can create a more natural inviting look? Well, Easigrass™ artificial grass is the answer!

Roof terraces and balconies are rapidly becoming one of our most popular installations. Homeowners now realise that they can transform a previously bland or unattractive terrace into the centrepiece of the entire property that will transport you from the hectic pace of city life into a tranquil oasis. You won’t just see the difference with Easigrass™ but you’ll feel it as well. Why not have a garden party on the roof and show your friends!

artificial grass for terrace balconies Dubai UAE
artificial grass for golf Dubai UAE

Garden Golf

The best way to reduce your handicap is to practice. Easigrass™ offers a full range of products for the garden – from approach shots to the Easi-green. Please see our sports section for more information on golf products.