Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) About Artificial Grass

How much does artificial grass cost?

Our prices vary considerably with different grasses and their intended use. We offer artificial grass products that range from a standard landscaping product all the way up to a product that would be used on a FIFA approved football pitch. Please contact us to let us know your required use and we will present you with the price options.

Is there a minimum order for Easigrass™?

Our minimum order is 2 square metres.

Do You Offer Trade Discount?

Please see our trade section.

Do you send samples of artificial grass?

Indeed we do. Please contact us and we will send you your required samples.

How long will Easigrass™ last for?

There are many factors which will determine the life span of your grass; the particular product, the application, how often it is used, what it is used for, if it is maintained properly etc. The normal life expectancy is 10 – 15 years but many of our installations from more than 15 years ago are still going strong today. Sports installations which are continually used will have a shorter life span than a landscaped area that is occasionally walked on.

What guarantee does Easigrass offer?

All of our landscaping products are guaranteed for 7 years. This is a comprehensive guarantee that covers products and installation.

Does water drain through the grass?

Yes, Easigrass™ has small holes at regular intervals in the backing material that allow any water that falls on the grass to drain through.

How realistic is Easigrass™?

Easigrass™ is very realistic. From a distance it is often difficult to tell it apart from natural grass. Please request a sample or to view an installation to see for yourself.

What are the Easigrass™ payment terms?

How realistic is Easigrass™?

Where can I see Easigrass™ in situ?

If you would like to view an Easigrass™ installation please contact us and we will organise for you to go and see the product you have chosen in situ.

How long after ordering will my grass be installed?

We aim to have your grass installed within 3 weeks from placing your order.

Can you use Easigrass™ indoors?

Yes you can. We have carried out many installations indoors from offices to shops to private parties with a twist.

Is Easigrass™ suitable for around a swimming pool?

Absolutely yes, Easigrass™ is perfect for swimming pool surrounds as it can withstand heavy usage whilst it is wet, unlike natural grass.

Is Easigrass™ an experienced company?

We’ve been in the industry for 25 years so we’ve seen it all when it comes to artificial grass. Our laying teams are also some of the most experienced in the world. Each team has been fully factory trained and is supervised by our senior management on each contract.

Can I practice golf on the grass?

We have carried out many installations for golfers. From small putting greens in back gardens to huge installations with tee boxes, chipping areas, fringe grass and full size greens. We will provide you with a practice surface that can be used 365 days of the year.

Can Easigrass™ make it easier to rent my property out?

It is difficult to give a definitive yes or no on this one but in the UAE people are often scared away from a property with a large lawn as they know their monthly water bill will be extremely high. When an artificial lawn has been installed they have the best of both worlds, a beautiful green lawn without the high water bills.

I‘m renting my property and I’d like to install Easigrass™. Is there an easier option?

We understand that is beneficial to install artificial grass in your garden but we also understand that if you are renting you may not want to pay to enhance someone else’s property. We do not offer a ‘cheaper’ installation package as we believe that artificial grass should only be installed one way in order to keep it looking and feeling its best. We do however have a range of grasses to suit all budgets. Please feel free to call us to discuss your requirement, we are sure that we will find a product that suits your budget and needs.

How much money could I save by installing Easigrass™?

This will differ from household to household but is possible to reduce your monthly household water bill by up to 70%. You will also save on mowing, fertilising, seeding and paying a gardener. The initial outlay for artificial grass will be higher than natural turf but you will recoup this money in 3-4 years and from that point onwards you will be saving money every month.

Will weeds grow through the Easigrass™?

Before we lay the aggregate layer we introduce a geo-textile membrane which is designed to stop weeds growing through it. Although weeds may not grow through grass it is possible the occasional seed or spore settles in the sand infill and begins to grow. If this happened just use your fingers to pull it out.

Are there any subsidies or rebates being offered to replace natural lawns with synthetic grass?

Certain states in the U.S. that are susceptible to severe droughts encourage homeowners to replace their natural lawn with artificial grass by partially subsidising their initial purchase. This programme helps the state officials control local water usage. We believe that this could be a major leap forward for the UAE and we are actively encouraging the government to look at a similar schemes. Currently subsidies are not being offered, we will let you know how we progress.

What are shock pads?

A shock pad is foam sheet fitted underneath the artificial grass. A shock pad’s primary function is to act as a cushion and prevent an injury if someone were to fall on the grass. Its secondary function is to improve the feel of the grass under foot as it will be softer and more padded. We actively encourage the use of a shock pad in every installation accept in gardens where pets may urinate. We insist on a the use shock pad for schools and nurseries. Please see our Easi-Play system for more information and to see our shock pads in action.

Will the grass fade in the sunlight?

Easigrass™ is UV stabilised to resist any fading by direct sunlight even when subjected to the intensity of the sun in the Middle East. The Easigrass™ yarns that make up the grass carpet are manufactured using the most advanced UV stabilising agents so that the grass stays green through out its lifespan.

Is artificial grass flammable?

Easigrass™ products are fire retardant and all products have been thoroughly tested in our labs. Although it will not set alight it will melt if subjected to intense direct heat. Every Easigrass™ installation comes with a layer of fine silica sand on top of the grass which adds to the fire resistance of the grass. Sand-filled Easigrass™ has been tested by an independent body and awarded a DIN 51960 Class 1 certificate.

Does Easigrass™ get hot?

Easigrass™, like any artificial product that has no cooling properties, will get hot when it is in the sun’s direct rays, especially during the summer when ambient temperatures are in the forties. When it is out of the sun’s direct rays it will remain warm as long as the ambient temperature is high. This will not affect the integrity or the lifespan of the product.

Will Easigrass™ burn my feet if I walk on it without any shoes on?

No, it will not burn your feet but just like decking or stone around a swimming pool it can become very warm when it is in the sun’s direct rays. As soon the sun’s rays have passed it will begin to cool down very quickly. Although it will never become as hot as sand on a beach or asphalt it is still advisable to wear shoes when walking on the grass in the heat of the day during the summer in the UAE.

Do Easigrass™ products contain lead or any heavy metals?

No, Easigrass™ products do not contain lead or heavy metals. Most modern artificial grasses are now manufactured without lead. We source all of our materials from companies who use materials free from heavy metals, carcinogens and other contaminants meaning Easigrass™ is a “Green” company in more ways than one. All of our products are RoHs qualified, REACH qualified and DIN qualified.

Has Easigrass™ been tested?

Yes. All of our products are:
RoHs qualified (hazardous substances)
REACH qualified (tested for substances of very high concern)
DIN qualified (heavy metals and toxicity)
UVA and UVB tested (3000 hours)

How realistic is Easigrass™?

Easigrass™ is very realistic. From a distance it is often difficult to tell it apart from natural grass. Please request a sample or to view an installation to see for yourself.

Is Easigrass™ resistant to chlorinated water and to salty sea water?

Easigrass™ is resistant too and will not be affected by either.

How do I maintain my Easigrass™?

There is very little maintenance needed for artificial grass; this is one of its major benefits. All you need to do is remove any surface debris from the grass before it builds up and give it a brush with a stiff broom. This will re-align the blades and bring the turf back to its original condition. If the grass looks like it may be getting dusty then simply give it a very quick spray and again a brush with a stiff broom. We also offer a ‘once a year’ service to check on all aspects of the installation. This includes the joints, edges and sand fill. Please contact us if you would like to discuss this further.

Can artificial grass melt?

Artificial turf can melt, but only when subjected to extreme temperatures above the melting point of the yarn. This is extremely rare and will only happen under these two circumstances.

The first is when a reflective surface, for example a windowpane or reflective guttering, concentrates the sun’s rays onto a patch of grass. This is very rare but worth taking into account when installing your grass. If you do notice a reflective area think about having a screen installed on the outside of the window that can be retracted once the sun has moved on or applying some non reflective paint to the area.

The second is direct heat on the grass, in other words fire. Burning embers from a fire or barbecue will melt the grass if they land on it. The easiest way to prevent this is to keep anything that burns off the grass. The grass will not set alight but it will melt.

Can I use a barbecue on top of artificial grass?

We recommend that you find an area away from the grass just to be safe but if this is not possible you need to be careful and place a barrier such as a tile or fire retardant slab between the grass and the barbecue in case any hot embers fall to the ground. Please see above question.

Can I repair damaged or melted areas?

Yes, we can patch up a damaged area. We will cut out the old piece and replace it with a new one. If the products are from the same batch then the patch should be invisible. We recommend that you hold on to some spare pieces after the installation just in case this happens.

With a lot of use will the grass begin to flatten?

With the correct maintenance and attention this should not happen. The only are where this might happen is in an area that gets particularity high footfall compared to everywhere else on the grass. The grass will begin to age at different speeds. If you can foresee this happening please talk to one of our sales staff to make sure you have the most suitable product.

Will Easigrass™ stain?

No, the Easigrass™ yarns used to make the grass are designed not to stain. If there does appear to be a mark on the grass then first try removing it with warm water. If that does not work then try a small amount of washing up soap mixed with the water and make sure you rinse the area properly once it is clean. We do not recommend you use bleach on the grass.

How can I clean something I’ve spilled on the Easigrass™?

Spills are very common on Easigrass™. Drinks, ice cream, food etc. This is no problem at all. Remove any solid debris and then hose down the area where the spill occurred. The water will dilute the spill and it will quickly disappear.

Do you offer a supply and installation service?

Yes. We encourage everyone who buys Easigrass™ to have it fitted by our experienced installation team. This way your grass will look and feel its best for years to come.

Can I lay the grass myself?

We regularly supply customers with grass to lay on a DIY basis and we are available to give expert advice on the preparation and jointing techniques required. We still however feel that you will benefit more from a professional Easigrass™ installation.

How is Easigrass™ installed?

The Easigrass™ installation system has been developed over many years and has now been perfected so that we can install your grass quickly and efficiently causing as little disruption to you as possible.

  1. Remove all existing grass or earth with a turf cutter down to a depth of no greater than 60mm.
  2. Introduce a geotextile layer to create a barrier between he earth and the installation
  3. Introduce an aggregate sub base by applying a 40mm layer of type 1 aggregate. The aggregate is levelled using a screed bar and then compacted until it is almost solid.
  4. The aggregate sub base is followed by 10/15mm of sharp sand to create a smooth, level surface. This is again levelled using a screed bar level, watered and compacted.
  5. Fit the shock pad over the sub base and cut to the required shape.
  6. Stretch out the grass over the shock pad making sure the pile is all facing the same direction.
  7. Cut the boundary with a sharp trimming knife; first of all a rough-cut leaving 20cm around the edge and then the precise final cut.
  8. Glued the grass at the seams using seaming tape and a specialist glue.
  9. Dressed the grass using silica sand applied using a drop spreader.
  10. Massage the silica sand into the pile using a power brush.
  11. Finally using a leaf blower, give the new installation a quick once over, blow away any excess sand to leave the installation looking perfect.

Why is sand infill used?

Sand infill is an essential part of the Easigrass™ System. We never install artificial grass without introducing a layer of silica sand. In many ways it is the most important part of the installation and will help your grass remain durable and looking great. Here are some reasons why sand is so important.

  • Sand helps to prevent the grass from expanding in the very hot weather we experience in the UAE thereby preventing rippling and sagging of the grass.
  • Sand protects the pile from wear and tear helping to extend the life of the grass.
  • Sand protects the pile from the suns rays helping to extend the life of the grass.
  • Sand helps the individual grass fibres stand up straight and also return to their upright position when they have been flattened.
  • Sand will encourage the installation to settle with any natural movement of the ground.
  • Sand counters the effects of static that can be common in installations that have no infill.
  • Sand helps to increase fire retardant performance of the artificial grass system.

Will sand from the infill get in my shoes and in the house?

No, the sand is only slightly visible once the installation is complete and it will settle even further into the carpet over the first few weeks after the installation and will be virtually invisible when looking at the grass. The sand is held in place by the root zone of the turf.

Why can I see loose blades of grass after my installation?

New artificial grass appears to shed some fibres after installation. Many of the individual blades that you see are left over from the installation where the fibres were cut but held down in the root zone. They slowly work there way to the surface and then appear as loose fibres. These will eventually disperse in the wind and with the use of a blower.

Can Easigrass™ be installed on wooden decking?

Yes. We often install on wooden decking. Please contact us and we will come and carry out a free survey.

Can you lay Easigrass™ on sloped areas?

Yes, as long as the slope isn’t too steep. A good way to test is if you can walk up the slope. If you can then it should be fine. Please contact us and we will come and carry out a free survey.

Can Easigrass™ be installed around a swimming pool?

Absolutely. Artificial grass is perfect for swimming pool areas as it’s resistant to chlorine and isn’t affected by being wet all the time. Most importantly though it doesn’t need to be cut so those nasty grass clippings won’t clog up your pool’s filters.

Can I put Easigrass™ on top of my existing grass?

No, this is not recommended and we will not install grass in this way. The existing grass will slowly die and could cause unsightly undulations in the new grass. The first thing we always do when we arrive on a new job remove all existing lawn to a suitable depth and replace it with a compacted drainage base and a geotextile weed membrane.

What surfaces can Easigrass™ be fitted to?

Easigrass™ can be installed on most surfaces as long as they are firm. If not then we can always make them firm and suitable for you. Asphalt, concrete, tiles, metal, wood and stone are all fine. Please contact us and we will come and carry out a free survey.

Can you install a mini golf course or putting green in my garden?

We certainly can and we love these installations. We can create any golfing experience you require from driving to chipping and putting. We’ll even install a waterless 9-hole golf course for you if you’ve got the space!

Is Easigrass™ suitable under a climbing frame?

It certainly is and we strongly recommend it as we will install our Easi-play system. This system uses our foam underlay called Easi-Shockpad which provides a certified critical fall height of up to 2.6 metres, greatly reducing the risk of injury to your children.

Is Easigrass™ suitable for dogs?

Yes, Easigrass™ is very pet friendly. No more muddy paws or brown patches. They love the feel if it under their paws and their mess won’t affect the grass. All our artificial grasses are suitable for pets but the shorter pile products are a little easier to maintain.

What happens if my dog does his business on my Easigrass?

The grass won’t stain but you need to remove any solid debris and give the area a quick spray. Give the grass a quick spray once a week anyway to rinse it through in case you don’t always see your dog doing his ‘business’ on it. This is especially important if small children play on the grass.

Does the smell of urine stay in the grass?

No, we don’t install a shock pad when there are dogs around so there is nothing the trap the urine but because it rains so little in the UAE you must regularly rinse the grass through if your dog tends to do his mess there. The more you can rinse your lawn the less likely there is to be any build up of urine and a smell as a result.

Is Easigrass™ safe for dogs and other pets?

Yes. Artificial grass is pet friendly because it is non-toxic and soft but also extremely hard for dogs to chew through it and break it apart. Dog runs and dog parks these days are often built using artificial turf which is a testament to the product and the suitability for pets.

Will animal urine stain the grass?

No. This is a huge advantage for pet owners who are struggling to keep their lawn in great shape.

Is Easigrass™ safe for children?

Yes. Easigrass™ is designed with safety in mind and is much safer than natural grass when combined with a shock pad. Easigrass™ is lead free, fire retardant, non-toxic, soft and easy to clean making it the perfect surface for kids to play on.

Is Easigrass™ abrasive on the skin?

No, all our products are very soft to feel and are designed to come into contact with the skin.

Is Easigrass™ suitable for nurseries and schools?

Yes. It is perfect for this application. Please see our schools section to learn more.

Is Easigrass™ environmentally friendly?

At Easigrass™ we consider the environment at all stages of our product design and installation. We do all we can to have as little impact on the environment as possible, unless it is beneficial to the environment in which case we go a long way to help.

In an area where water stress is a serious issue we must do all we can to reduce the amount of water we use for anything other than drinking. The use of artificial grass dramatically reduces the amount of water that a household uses as you no longer need to water the lawn to keep it green.

Not only does Easigrass™ help conserve water but you will on longer need to use the lawnmower, fertilisers and pesticides; all very beneficial for the environment. Please see our Water Conservation section.

Does Easigrass™ consider the environment when resurfacing a sports facility?

We have developed economic and environmentally friendly ways to uplift and dispose of old turf and infill materials. We focus first on reuse, then recycling and ensure that every square metre and every gram of infill is correctly accounted for. To do so we use the world famous Turfmuncher when it’s time to remove an existing artificial grass pitch. The Turfmuncher allows us remove artificial pitches which can then be reclaimed and recycled for other uses. Unlike previous systems, the Turfmuncher removes rolls of artificial grass as wide as 5m and 70m long, keeping ninety-nine percent of the infill removed allowing us to either separately recycle each element, or better still, re-use the pitch in a less fortunate area of the world.