What Are The Benefits Of Having Artificial Grass Installed?

The many benefits of having artificial grass in Dubai

Reduce Your Water Bill with Easigrass Artificial Grass

Reduce your water bill

Everywhere we look In the UAE we can see the effects the hot and dry climate has on natural grass; it is almost impossible to keep it looking green and lush all year round. It takes time, dedication, money but more than anything else; water, lots and lots of water to even attempt to keep a lawn looking great. If you have a natural lawn you’ll know what it takes to stop it drying out and going brown.You can now turn off the sprinklers as there’s no need to water artificial grass.

You’ll see your water bills tumble once you’ve replaced your natural lawn with artificial grass. Depending on your previous water usage you could save up to 70% on your water bill. Although the initial outlay for artificial turf is more than natural turf the estimated years payback is 3 to 4 years. This is closer to 3 years in the UAE due to the abnormally high water usage. In other words you will have paid for your artificial grass within 3 years and from that point onwards you will be saving money every month.

Benefits of artificial grass to environment

Help the local environment

By installing synthetic grass you’ll help conserve water in a region that desperately needs every bit of help it can get. In the UAE we use 550 litres per person per day, compared to a global average of 250 litres per person each day. One of the reasons for this is the amount of water we use to keep the county looking green. This needs to change and by installing artificial grass you are doing your bit. Good Work! Every time you turn on you sprinklers the situation gets worse. It may seem insignificant but together we will decide the fate of the environment so we must do everything we can. Please see our page on causes we care about for more information.

There are many benefits of artificial grass

Free up some time to relax

Once you have installed your artificial lawn you’ll be amazed at how much more time you have do the things you love instead of worrying about your lawn. Compared to a natural lawn the maintenance is minimal. You can sell your lawn mower straight away because you won’t need it any more. On top of this you’ll save money on gardeners fees, fertilisers, pesticides, seeding and maintaining your irrigation system. Maintenance of artificial grass involves simply clearing the surface of leaves and giving it a quick spray down occasionally.

Benefits of having artificial grass for kids

Create a safe playing area for your children

The Easiplay system uses thick a foam shock pad under the turf so that if your little ones, or anyone for that matter, takes a tumble there will be 25mm of soft foam underneath them to cushion the blow. You’ll be able to rest assured that when your children are playing in the garden they are as safe as can be. When the Easiplay system is installed there is no safer playing surface for your kids.

Pets can benefit from having synthetic turf

Create a lovely area for your pets

Dogs love artificial grass as it’s soft on their paws and fun to roll in. It’s also easy to clean and won’t leave any brown patches like natural turf. Treat your dog to some artificial grass and you’ll see how much they love it. Don’t worry about them creating a mess either, Easigrass has a perforated backing so urine flows straight through. Any solid waste can be picked up and thrown away as you would on a natural lawn.

Landlords can benefit from having artificial grass installed

Landlords, struggling to find a tenant?

A lush, green, low maintenance lawn will not only make your property look great for viewings but it will make renting out your property much easier as your new tenants know that they could save huge amounts every month on their water bills. This is one of the biggest concerns for any new tenant and many potential tenants will not rent a property purely because they are concerned about their water bill. With an artificial lawn they don’t need to worry about their water bill and can concentrate on the rest of your property. An artificial lawn could seal the deal on your rental.

Fake grass looks great in those shaded areas of your garden

A solution for that annoying shaded area that’s stopping your grass grow

Do you have one annoying area of your garden that doesn’t seem to get the sun and as a result the grass just refuses to grow. Sadly there is nothing you can do about this situation, with no direct sunlight grass just won’t live. Artificial grass on the other hand isn’t affected by shaded areas so you can now have grass in that area that never sees the sun. Your garden will finally look green all over.

Great benefits are no maintenance when travelling abroad

No worrying about your garden when you travel?

If you are in and out of the country on a regular basis then maintaining your garden is a tricky task., especially if you are away for substantial periods of time. With Easigrass you don’t need to think about your lawn, you just lock you door, forget about your lawn and it will look exactly the same as the day you left. The best part is you won’t have spent a dirham keeping it looking great whilst you were away.

Benefits of artificial grass to pesticides

Throw away those harmful pesticides

Keeping a natural lawn looking great needs time and dedication but it also need a sustained use of harmful herbicides and pesticides. These nasty chemicals filter down through the soil, and and rock to the water table where they pollute the surrounding area. Once they are in the system they can create all sorts of health and environmental problems. With an artificial lawn you don’t need to give this another thought as no chemicals are used to maintain it. Although this may seem like one of the more trivial benefits, it really isn’t. When we act together as a community we can instigate great changes. fReducing the amount os pesticides and herbicides in the water table is one more step in the right direction for the local environment.