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At Easigrass™ we have artificial grass products for every unique application including gardens, balconies, school, large commercial areas and sports fields. Contact us to request a free quote and member of the Easigrass™ team will be in touch shortly to arrange a survey.

35mm Easi-Mayfair

Our top of the range grass, perfect for all applications and featuring new yarn technology, designed to British standards, that reduces crushing. Easi-Mayfair requires very little maintenance and is ideal for children, pets and high footfall areas.

Artificial Grass Dubai - Mayfair Product

30mm Easi-Kensington

The Knightsbridge has a silver guild medal from the Royal Horticultural Social, a tried and tested best seller that has been in our range for over five years. This Easigrass™ product, which was the first grass ever to be placed in a RHS judged Chelsea show garden is a timeless classic. It was the first ever grass to be marketed with a dead grass infill making it look so realistic. Still as popular today as it was when we won our first medal with it, people still ask for it and it is without question one of our most popular grasses.

Easigrass Artificial Grass Kensington Dubai UAE

40mm Easi-Chelsea

The cheapest 40mm product available on the market today.  It’s C-shape yarn makes it soft to touch and perfect for families.

50mm Easi-Elite

Our most luxurious product, designed to British standards.  The Easi-Elite is a soft and incredibly dense product which gives it that luxurious feel.  It has been manufactured with a combination of yarn structures to ensure its longevity and is the cutting-edge of artificial grass technology.

Artificial Grass Dubai - Elite Product 1 / 5

35mm Easi-Belgravia

A softer and cheaper 35mm option to the Easi-Mayfair.  It’s fresh green brings life to wherever it is installed.

Easigrass Artificial Grass Belgravia Dubai UAE