Artificial Grass Balcony by Easigrass

10 Ways to Use Artificial Grass For Your Home

To use or not to use? Artificial grass can be a debatable subject. On one hand, it’s claimed to be more environmentally friendly than a traditional grass lawn, because it doesn’t require water, fertiliser or mowing. And with a variety of lengths, textures and colors to choose from, fake grass is getting closer in look and feel to the real thing. It does however require some initial investment which could make people a bit skeptical, so here are some definite ways of utilising artificial grass in your home that you won’t regret.

While you may go back and forth on installing synthetic grass over large areas of lawn, using it in smaller applications has some merit. Given its durability, artificial grass can be a real problem solver in high traffic areas of the garden, such as between walkway pavers or along driveway strips. Additionally, it can be used to add a touch of green to balconies and terraces where real grass would be difficult to water and maintain.

Add softness to a balcony:

Lush potted plants and the illusion of grass can transform an urban terrace into a garden. Artificial grass can be a great solution for balconies and rooftop gardens where it could be impractical to grow and maintain a living ground cover. An artificial turf rug set beneath the table looks soft and inviting for bare feet.

Artificial Grass Balcony by Easigrass

Give driveways some green:

A narrow strip that runs beneath where a car is parked can be tricky to plant. The soil is often compacted from the weight of cars and not connected to garden irrigation systems. To get the look of a lush ground cover without the water or maintenance, install a strip of artificial turf.

Set between pavers:

Ground covers growing between pavers soften the hardscape and act as a transition from paved areas to the surrounding garden. While this is a great look, it can be difficult to maintain with living grass since pavers get in the way of the path of a lawn mower. Artificial grass gives the same look without the need for mowing.

Artificial Grass Aside Swimming Pool

Use as a soft surface for play areas:

Artificial grass is tough enough to withstand heavy foot traffic but provides a cushy landing. Installed under a kids play area also acts as a landing pad that’s far softer than a deck or patio surface thus avoiding any major damage should the little ones take a fall.

Cover outdoor furniture:

This can be a great conversation starter when entertaining guests. Poufs and sofas covered in artificial grass not only give your outdoor area a cool and funky look but also help protect outdoor furniture from harsh weather.

Easy cleanup surface for pets:

Since artificial grass can easily be hosed down periodically, it makes it easy to clean up after pets.

Dog sitting on artificial grass

Practice your favourite sport:

While sports can be enjoyable and a great hobby, it isn’t always easy to find a field to practice your pitch. Covering extra backyard space with artificial grass and converting it into a putting green, cricket or football pitch means you don’t have to look far for a quick game over after work or entertaining buddies over the weekend.

Lawn with Artificial Grass


Dragon Mart Artificial Grass


What separates Easigrass from Dragon Mart fake grass?

Easigrass is an artificial grass company in Dubai so it’s no surprise that we’re often asked this question, “What is the difference between your synthetic grass and Dragon Mart (aka China Mart) faux grass?”

Prospective clients ask us this question at least twice a week. Surprisingly we find this an interesting question as it makes us think about what separates us from the crowd? What makes us different? And what can we do to stay the best. It is our perennial quest. So, what does separate Easigrass from Dragon Mart’s Artificial grass?
The first assumption most clients make, is of course the difference in quality of both products. We’ve all been to Dragon Mart and succumbed to the ridiculously low prices of products there. But no sooner do we start using these products on a regular basis, do they fall apart. Hence the assumption about poorer quality with Dragon Mart too but interestingly enough we wouldn’t say that this is what separates us. It is definitely part of the equation but not the defining attribute.

Dragon Mart is huge, and over the years it has just grown even more, if you can even believe it. And within the hundreds of aisles at Dragon Mart there are numerous shops that sell artificial grass or synthetic grass as some call it. We’ve all seen them, the rolls lined up in rows outside the shops. The truth is some of the quality isn’t that bad to touch and feel. It’s not great mind you, but it’s ok. The majority is of poorer quality, low stitch rate, flat thin fibres, no root-zone etc. etc. and the list goes on. But if you can find some reasonable quality artificial grass at Dragon Mart then why not just buy it and be done with it.

It’s not just about the product; it’s about the whole package

Well you see, here’s the thing,

the ‘thing’ that we consider extremely important.

It’s not just about the product; it’s about the whole package, the whole experience from beginning to end. We are often the ‘fix it’ guys who are called in to rescue a job after it’s gone wrong from our friends up at Dragon Mart. We’re not here to point the finger at Dragon Mart’s artificial grass, it can serve a purpose, we totally see that, but in this day and age you want security and peace of mind. You want the knowledge that what you are buying is safe, that when a job is done it’s done properly, that after a job is finished you know the company who did it will answer your calls and will be there to deal with any issues that may occur.

Dragon Mart artificial grass is cheaper no doubt, but as mentioned above we have countless calls from clients who have spent their hard earned cash there and then have to call us in to start from the beginning to get the job done properly.

We are perfectionists!

At Easigrass we strive to be available round the clock for our clients; but more importantly when an Easigrass client steps out and sees their new artificial grass lawn for the first time, they fall in love with it. We’re also perfectionists and into details; if a job isn’t perfect it isn’t finished in our eyes. And we will not stop until we have achieved 100% perfection.

It’s about comfort and total peace of mind and that’s what you get with artificial grass installations from Easigrass in Dubai.

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