Synthetic Grass for sports in Dubai

What Sports Can Be Played On Artificial Grass In Dubai?

Ancient sports like camel racing and falconry have always been popular in Dubai. In recent times, the sporting scene in Dubai has evolved due to the increasing number of ex-pats and visitors from around the world. Whether it’s attending major international sporting events, or playing for leisure, you won’t have to go far to enjoy your favourite sports. The beauty of being a spectator or taking part in sports in Dubai is that the scorching heat doesn’t need to affect the surface of the game. We’ll give you a run-down of some of the most popular sports in Dubai that can be played on artificial grass.

Football Sports Grass

What can be better than playing the beautiful game in a beautiful city like Dubai? The icing on the cake is that playing football on artificial grass makes ball control even smoother and provides a more comfy experience for players. Forget about the rough and gritty turf that was used in the 1990s. Our artificial grass not only looks like the real deal but it’s practical as well. There’s no slipping and sliding as our synthetic grass increases the grip on studded boots. If you doubt the suitability of artificial grass for your football pitch in Dubai, just take a leaf out of FIFA’s book. The international governing body of football endorses the use of artificial turf.

Rugby Sports Grass

It’s hard to deny the growing popularity of rugby in Dubai. The Dubai Rugby Sevens is one of the major events on the rugby calendar. Local Rugby Clubs are also getting in on the act to cater to those who want to play rugby on a casual or semi-professional basis. With all the rough and tumble involved in rugby, it’s only natural to expect the play surface to be tough and durable. That’s where artificial grass comes in. We provide artificial grass from the Rhino-Turf range. It’s ideal to hold up under high and repeated impact, whilst also being easy on the players when they dive for the ball.

Cricket Sports Grass

Head over to Dubai Sports City if you want to see your favourite international cricket team compete. Why not join a cricket team in one of the many clubs in Dubai? If you’re really passionate about the sport, then think about having your very own cricket pitch in your back yard. Although finding the most suitable artificial grass to play cricket in Dubai isn’t easy, we’ve risen to the challenge. Our synthetic grass is durable even in areas of the pitch that’s prone to a high-level of wear and tear.

Tennis Sports Grass

The Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships is a must for tennis enthusiasts. Watch the likes of Roger Federer, Venus and Serena Williams, Rafael Nadal and other greats battle it out to become the champion. Do you fancy picking up a tennis racket to perfect your skills? You’ll be spoilt for choice by the amount of private tennis clubs and hotels where you can have a tennis match. Although different types of tennis courts require distinctive artificial grass, we’re able to cater to all of your requirements. Playing tennis on synthetic grass in Dubai is ideal for both outdoor and indoor courts. The hot sun won’t result in scorched grass and in the unlikely event of rain, play can resume pretty quickly on synthetic grass.

Golf Sports Grass

Playing on a world-renowned golf course in Dubai is one of life’s greatest pleasures for any golfing fan. Dubai has gained an enviable reputation for having some of the best golf courses in the world. The breathtaking clubhouses are only upstaged by the stunning greenery. This greenery can be achieved by using artificial grass. Don’t be fooled into thinking that synthetic grass only has good looks. Oh no, when carefully installed, it can provide a consistency and quality to rival natural grass. Artificial grass on golf courses in Dubai can also cut-down on maintenance costs. Whether it’s for a major golf club, a garden putting green and everything in between, our full range of artificial grass products for golf will get you sorted.

To begin with, it might seem like playing sports on artificial grass is no substitute for playing on real grass. We’ve showed you why you should think about using synthetic grass as a better alternative. Check-out our artificial grass for sports and you’ll be amazed at the durability and ease of maintenance. Who knows, the consistent quality of our artificial grass might even help you to raise your game.

Reasons Why You Should Install Artificial Grass in Dubai

Reasons Why You Should Install Artificial Grass in Dubai

3 reasons why you should install Artificial Grass in Dubai

Why We Love Artificial Grass (And You Should, Too!)

For many people the idea of installing artificial grass in Dubai can seem like a bit of a luxury, but that needn’t be the case. Not only can it help make your home aesthetically pleasing, adding value to your property, it can and will make your life easier. Trust us (we’ll tell you why shortly).

Now obviously we might be a bit biased when we say that we absolutely love artificial grass, but it’s not without good reason.

In fact, here are 3 great reasons why adding quality artificial grass to your property will be the best decision you make in 2016.

Reason #1 ‐ Low Maintenance, High Reward

Real grass requires a very real commitment, and when it comes to maintaining a healthy, natural lawn, you can end up spending an awful lot of time and money taking care of it.
Enter artificial grass. Once it has been installed, there’s very little you need to worry about. Guaranteed for 6 years, and with an average lifespan of between 10 and 15 years, you can just kick back and admire the extremely real looking fake grass now taking pride of place in your garden.

Oh, and remember when we said it’d make your life easier earlier? Well replacing grass with an artificial alternative means you can wave goodbye to spending hours mowing and weeding your lawn. Result!

Now that’s all good and well, but what about this “high reward?”

The fact is that in the long run installing artificial turf in Dubai will save you money. There’s no two ways about it. Your water bill will be reduced significantly (by up to 70% in some cases) thanks to no longer having to keep your lawn consistently watered.

Reason #2 ‐ Ideal for Pets & Kids

If you have pets or kids then adding artificial turf to your yard should be a no‐brainer. As a parent or animal lover, all you really want is a safe, clean environment for your child or furry friend to play.

With our Easigrass™ shockpad underlay, you’ll feel safe in the knowledge that should your child take a tumble they’ll be protected from injury. Also, you have the added bonus of removing grass stains from the equation!

Where your pets are concerned, the durability of artificial grass comes into its own. A natural lawn subjected to cats and dogs will typically be riddled with holes and patches of dead grass to mark the spot when nature called. Installing artificial grass for pets will keep your property looking pristine as pee drains through and solid waste is easily removed.

Reason #3 ‐ It’s GREAT for the Environment

Dubai’s climate, humidity and lack of rainfall does not lend itself to the easy growth and maintenance of natural greenery, and grass is no different. In order for real grass to flourish in the arid conditions of the UAE, it requires water, and lots of it.

If you care about water conservation like we do, then you’ll love the fact that synthetic grass is tailor made to help conserve water in Dubai by removing one of the major causes of water wastage there is, the sprinkler.

And, not only do you never have to water your artificial grass, you don’t need to use any nasty or potentially harmful pesticides either. Another huge win for the environment right there!

Embrace the Easigrass Revolution

There you have it, 3 pretty fantastic reasons to make the switch to artificial turf. Join the Easigrass revolution and soon you’ll be feeling the most realistic synthetic grass between your toes (and also feeling pretty smug about all the money and water you’re saving!).

Not convinced? If you need even more reasons to swap your dry, brown grass with green, luscious, real looking artificial grass then please get in touch to speak with one of our specialists today.

Artificial Grass For Sports

Artificial Sports Grass in Dubai

The heated debate regarding the benefits of natural grass compared to artificial sports grass has been stirring for years now. Nobody can say that Dubai residents don’t take their favorite sports seriously! From football to rugby to hockey, every sport played on a field relies upon a solid grass surface.

While each opposing side of the grass-or-turf controversy has made its own valid points over the years, new technological developments recently helped to declare artificial sports grass in Dubai as the clear winner in sports surface management.

Artificial grass defined

Artificial grass, also known as synthetic turf and artificial sports grass and astroturf, is a grass-like surface created out of synthetic fibers. It’s most popularly used on football pitches where it provides a playing surface available year-round, come rain or shine. From afar it’s impossible to distinguish between natural grass and turf, but close-up the precise uniformity of turf becomes clear.

The History of Artificial Turf

How did the sports industry begin making the conversion from natural grass to artificial grass and when did it become so popular in Dubai? The transition famously began in the Houston, Texas Astrodome field in 1965. As the world’s first domed stadium, it took a bit of trial and error to discover that the dome couldn’t remain transparent- to provide the grass with sunlight- without also causing a glare that interfered with the players’ vision. The roof was painted to minimize glare, and it didn’t take long for the grass on the field to wither and die.

Rather than admitting defeat, the stadium owners and engineers opted to utilize the first ever artificial playing surface which eliminated the need for natural sunshine inside the dome. This green carpet made of nylon fibers was a far cry from the sophisticated turf commonly installed today, but it rang in a new era of possibilities. Today, the third generation of artificial sports grass here in Dubai is more technologically advanced than ever and it offers a host of benefits for players, spectators, and even the maintenance team as well.

Superior Performance

More than anything else, artificial grass is durable. Unlike natural grass fields in Dubai which can’t sustain more than 3 or 4 days of use per week and are always closed after heavy rain, artificial grass fields in Dubai possess strategic drainage systems that make them available all year round. Increased playability means more access for all sportsmen and women eager to practice and play their favorite sports.

Synthetic fields are also reliably smooth and free of the potholes and dips that are inevitable after heavy play on natural grass. Since artificial sports grass doesn’t warp or break during use, players are much less likely to trip or lose balance and sustain an injury. This improved safety provides crucial reassurance to the worried parents of young athletes while also preventing damages that could undermine the success of a professional football team in Dubai.

Not only this, but the design of artificial sports grass allows for more secure footing, which helps athletes turn and stop with impressive precision. With optimal shock pad absorption and injury protection, athletes can truly perform at their very best when artificial grass, not natural grass, is under their feet.

Environmentally Sound

Believe it or not, artificial sports grass is incredibly friendly to the environment- dramatically more so than natural grass! According to Penn State University in the United States the upkeep of a natural grass football field is exceedingly demanding on environmental resources.

Mowing must occur as soon as the grass reaches ¾ of an inch above the mowing height, and sprinklers should run until water has penetrated a full six inches into the grass. Full aeration and fertilization both occur two or three times per year on natural grass fields to reverse the compacted soil damage, prevent weeds, and maintain the grass’ nutrients. Of course, chemical treatments also occur regularly for weed control.

Artificial sports grass, on the other hand, does not require sunlight, watering, or fertilizer. That’s more than 500,000 gallons of water saved per year in Dubai when the transfer is made to artificial sports grass! Many synthetic turf adversaries will try to claim that the use of rubber infill damages the environment, but most rubber actually comes from recycled tires that otherwise would have been stuffed into landfills for the rest of eternity.
Best of all, when an artificial turf surface has reached the end of its life, it doesn’t need to just be uninstalled and thrown away. Every turf component can either be reused or recycled: The synthetic grass itself finds a new home in another field or is repurposed into resin pellets, and the sand and rubber infill is recycled into a new artificial grass surface.

Lower Costs and Maintenance

As is proven through the many environmental benefits of artificial grass its maintenance is dramatically less demanding than natural grass. Though initial installation is more expensive, the lower long term maintenance costs ultimately result in large savings. Synthetic sports fields usually pay for themselves within four years in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, which is a highly cost-effective investment considering that astroturf is meant to last 10 years or more.

The brushing and light watering (cleaning) required for artificial sports grass costs significantly less than the thousands upon thousands of dirhams needed for the water, fertilizer, mowing, and seeding of regular grass.

The Common Arguments Against Turf… And Why They Are Wrong

Most artificial turf opponents cite concerns about the synthetic turf’s safety, but recent studies from credible sources have officially validated it through multi-year studies that artificial turf fields show no elevated health risks and do not contribute to any public health concerns.

Lead is another major sticking point, with many critics claiming that lead levels in artificial sports turf will lead players to experience neurological damage. In more than 40 years of use, there has never been an instance of human illness as a direct proven result of synthetic turf. This non-issue surfaced in 2008 when a few turf fields in the States tested with elevated levels of lead which ended up occurring because the lead chromate used to promote colorfastness hadn’t been encapsulated. The problem was immediately resolved and the artificial turf safety was reasserted only a few months later.

Clearly, the benefits of artificial sports grass over standard grass are various and far-reaching. From recreational football league fields to FIFA approved stadiums, sports grass can transform any sporting experience and save valuable money and resources in the process.


Synthetic Grass for sports in Dubai

Synthetic Grass for sports in Dubai

There is only one type of grass in Dubai that looks great all year round and can stand up to the toughest of use and harshest of weather – that’s synthetic grass, and that’s why it is increasingly being used for all kinds of sports in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. In a region with soaring temperatures that are just not kind to natural grass, synthetic grass for sports in Dubai truly is the practical choice.

Dubai has come into its own in recent times, and so has its sports sector; whether for personal enjoyment or at club or international level. Keeping a pitch green and usable with natural grass has proven to be a frustrating, costly and time-consuming affair in Dubai, leaving many to look for real alternatives that will have their pitches in stellar shape all year around.

Here at Easigrass, the leading artificial grass company in Dubai, we have the answer. No matter the sport you play in Dubai, from football and rugby to cricket and athletics, our synthetic grass for sports will do an incredible job. The added advantage of using our synthetic grass for sporting events is that unlike natural grass, it isn’t ripped to shreds by heavy use. You only have to look at a natural grass football or rugby pitch after a match to see large areas of it destroyed and shredded by studs.

There’s no need to go to the expense of constant maintenance and repair with Easigrass synthetic grass for sports; it’s perfectly able to take the wear and tear of any sporting event in Dubai, along with the constant high temperatures and sunshine that would threaten to kill natural grass off. The advances in the development of our synthetic turf products – which are made with an inbuilt UV defender to protect them from harmful radiation from the sun – mean the synthetic grass not only looks like the real thing but is also much safer for players.

Plus, you won’t have to water your synthetic grass in Dubai, or remove any weeds. It also doesn’t require any fertiliser or pesticides, saving lots of time, effort and money. Dubai sports players, especially football, will perform better and spectators will enjoy an enhanced game on beautiful synthetic grass that’s fully guaranteed by us and designed to last.

To find out more about Easigrass and how it can give your sporting events in Dubai a big boost, get in touch with us today and our experts will be happy to tell you more.


Artificial grass pitch for The British School in Muscat

Easigrass builds an artificial grass pitch for The British School in Muscat

In December 2015 the Easigrass Team descended, from Dubai, into Muscat, Oman to begin the installation of an artificial grass football pitch for the British School Muscat. Bas Lodewijkx, on of the most highly respected Installers in the Industry stepped onto the concrete deck of the British School ready to begin the installation.

Rhino-Turf by Easigrass™

Synthetic sports grass installation team Dubai  artificial grass installation for sports fake grass for sports

The product chosen by the British School was from the Rhino-Turf (An Easigrass Group Company) VT Range, the VT32. The VT range is a world class range products; it’s extremely resilient and hard wearing yet silky smooth to the touch and has a thick, dense Root-zone built into the synthetic turf. The VT32 is one of the shortest products in the VT range at 32mm; it was chosen as it is suitable for both hockey and football. If the artificial grass was any longer, for example the VT40 (40 mm), it would be too long to play hockey on and the ball wouldn’t roll.

Underneath the artificial grass we used a 12mm closed cell shock pad to improve safety, comfort and performance. Without the shock pad the children would risk injury as the synthetic turf would be directly on top of the hard concrete.


artificial sports grassThe shock pad was rolled out followed by the turf and the seams immaculately cut in. At this stage the top deck is one huge green carpet. Now it’s time for the lines. With great precision all the lines, hockey and football, were cut into the turf.

So the turf is down, next comes the sand and rubber infill. The giant 1 tonne bags were craned up onto the platform where they were opened into the spreader. The sand is an extremely important part of the whole turf system. The sand falls deep into the pile of the grass and gives the pitch its stability. Without the sand the grass could easily lift up and potentially lift off in very high winds. The sand we use is an imported sand called silica sand; its properties make it the prefect material to stabilise the base. After the sand comes the rubber infill. In this case we used recycled EPDM. Normally, in the UAE, GCC and Dubai companies use SBR rubber which is made from recycled tyres. We don’t use SBR as it can smell, especially when the temperature reaches 50 Degrees. EPDM does not smell so it was our choice for this sports field.

Lastly, now that the infill is in, the artificial grass system is brushed and groomed so that the infill is evenly spread throughout the pitch.

Have a look at this video to see the first time the pitch was used by the kids at the British School.

Easigrass have offices in Dubai, London and South Africa.


Artificial Grass Vs Natural Grass – Water Report

The below report gives you an insight into the savings per year after installing artificial grass

The rapid economic development of The United Arab Emirates has put significant pressure on its natural resources. The staggering success of the UAE is well documented; in a relatively short period of time millions of expats have flocked to the country to take advantage of its flourishing industries. The unprecedented growth of the UAE has also created its most significant environmental challenge so far; water management.

The UAE is one of the driest countries in the world, yet, per capita, it uses 83% more water than the global average; a total of 4.4 trillion litres per day. The UAE is now under serious pressure to become more sustainable.

This unquenchable demand for water is only going to increase as more projects, more residents and more tourists come to the UAE. It is predicted that the demand will see an increase of 44% by 2025 yet the UAE uses its ground water 24 times faster than its natural recharge capacity. At this rate ground water supplies will be depleted within the next 40 years.

General water wastage is a major concern; it is reported that the average UAE resident can waste up to 250L per day. If water conservation and sustainability is a top priority then this worrying statistic needs to be addressed immediately. In order for the UAE to reduce water wastage it has to, very simply, reduce water usage. One way of doing this is through the implementation of artificial grass.

In a recent interview with Dhilip Kumar, CEO of Platinum SDI, a leading sustainable development consultancy firm with several years of experience in the Middle-East region, Dhilip said…

“ If our clients insist on using natural grass we always advise them to use a native or adapted species that require less water. If they do not insist on natural grass then we will always advise them to use artificial grass as Pearl and Green building regulations also mandate a significant reduction in annual landscape irrigation demand on every project”.

This isn’t a new concept; the State of California, for example, actively encourages the use of artificial grass in order to reduce water consumption by offering subsidies for those that have it installed.

One of Dubai’s most innovative landscape architecture practices, desert INK, were early adopters of artificial grass and have been specifying it in many of their recent projects. Will Bennett from desert INK said “despite being a proponent for all things natural in the softscape, we actually prefer to use artificial turf in many of our commercial projects for three main reasons; it provides a permanent ‘green’ surface all year round, environmentally speaking it has far less impact on our water resources than real grass and when we studied the numbers we found that it cost much less than irrigating real lawn, saving our clients’ money”

Will goes on to explain; “Artificial turf, in this part of the world, is a better option than real turf in most scenarios. It’s hardwearing nature makes it ideal for intensively used areas such as playgrounds and sports pitches. It gives us great versatility to design with because we are much less restricted by the maintenance requirements compared with natural turf. For us, it adds value to our designs and can bring the ‘wow’ factor that our clients expect from us”

A difficult part of the learning curve has been to dispel the misconception that ‘green is really green’; Will elaborates, “It’s a false impression that vegetation equals green environmental credentials in this region. This might be correct in temperate climates but in the desert it couldn’t be further from the truth. Maintaining a lush lawn is incredibly intensive; it requires large quantities of water, pesticides and fertilizers as well as labour”.

Easigrass and desert INK developed a cost analysis study to see if artificial turf could be more sustainable from an economic point of view as well as an environmental one. The conclusion of the study was as follows.

An artificial grass garden of 80 square metres

Although the initial investment is considerably higher than that of natural grass after two and a half years the money spent on maintaining natural grass surpasses that of artificial grass. After 2.5 years the savings made by installing artificial grass could be as much as 4,332 AED per year

A commercial installation of 2,000 square metres

On larger projects where maintenance costs are lower the return on investment is 3 years. After this, the savings made by installing artificial grass could be as much as 87,202 AED per year.

Taking into account the water usage figures in the UAE it is clear that action needs to be taken to reduce general water consumption but more specifically water wastage. Artificial grass offers a solution that looks and feels like natural grass yet no water is needed to keep it green. When comparing the cost of natural grass against artificial grass, although the initial investment is higher we see considerable savings made after as short a period as 2.5 years.

If every villa, park, hotel and school stopped, or at the very least, reduced the amount of water used on growing natural grass then the savings would go a long way to moderating Dubai’s consumption of water.

This article is collaboration between Desert Ink, Platinum DSI and Easigrass.,

*ROI figures based on standard irrigation rates from Dubai Municipality and market rates for artificial grass installations and maintenance.**Water Statistics taken Gulf News April 29 and 2015 and January 13, 2010.



Artificial grass lawn in Dubai – Maintenance Tips

Maintaining an Artificial grass lawn in Dubai

Once you’ve invested in a high quality Easigrass artificial grass lawn in Dubai, you’ll want to keep it looking its very best. There are some dos and don’ts if you want to keep it in the fabulous condition in which it was installed.

The most simple form of maintenance is sweeping your artificial grass with a stiff broom. At least once a month, use a stiff bristle brush to sweep your lawn in several different directions. Not only will this remove any surface dirt and dust you’ll also be ensuring that each blade of artificial grass is kept upright and not standing back up straight again. As with all artificial grass products over time there will flatten slightly, this is very normal with a Dubai artificial grass lawn but regular brushing can slow this down quite considerably.

If animals are walking across your artificial grass lawn in Dubai then you’ll need to be quite vigilant and make sure that any mess on the surface is cleaned up straight away. First of all you need to remove and solid debris, then water can be sprayed or poured over the area to rinse away any residual mess. If you have a dog or cat that likes to use the artificial grass lawn as their ‘spot’ then you need to keep the grass rinsed to prevent any build up of urine and therefore smell. If you’ve got a more stubborn stain, some household detergent such as a weak solution of washing up liquid applied with a stiff brush should remove it.

Here’s a helpful guide to keep your artificial grass lawn in Dubai looking its best:

  • Use detergent and water on: Milk, tomato sauce, soft drinks, alcohol, butter coffee, tea, ice cream, blood, fruit juice, mustard.
  • Use mineral spirits (very sparingly) on: Suntan lotion, cooking oil, grease, nail polish, ink, shoe polish.
  • Try to protect your lawn from crushing. The blades of the artificial grass lawn can be very easily compressed by garden furniture, such as tables and chairs, so try to keep those on patio areas, and not your artificial lawn.
  • Naked flames and other heat sources are definitely not something which should be near your artificial lawn. Cigarettes and cigars can cause irreparable damage. The same applies to barbecues or fireworks, which also carry a risk of heat damage to the artificial grass.
  • Artificial lawns are not an appropriate surface for DIY activities. If you’re painting walls or fences around your artificial lawn, treat it in the same way you would a floor surface in your home by covering it to stop paint drips or spills getting on to it.
  • Adhesives of any sort, such as glue or chewing gum, can be disastrous for artificial lawns, sticking the blades together, and are notoriously difficult to remove.
  • Beware of broken glass. Not only is it dangerous to you, but it can cut the fibres of your artificial grass lawn, damaging its integrity.
  • Parking a vehicle on artificial grass in Dubai can crush the blades, although riding a bicycle or pushing a wheelchair or wheelbarrow across it is absolutely fine.

Follow these simple guidelines, and you’ll have many happy years with your lawn. If you have any questions about your artificial grass lawn in Dubai, get in touch with the team at Easigrass, Dubai’s artificial grass lawn experts.


Astroturf Dubai – What you need to know!

Let’s face it, in this day and age the economy is far from stable, and the threat of global warming and climate change is very real indeed. We understand now more than ever exactly why every penny counts, and why we should be doing all that we can to conserve and protect the earth’s resources, as well as the environment as a whole. Recycling efforts have quadrupled over the last decade or so, and although we’re making great progress, there’s still a long way for us to go. Eco-friendly and energy saving products are now very much in fashion, with a surprising example coming in the form of Astroturf Dubai. Not only is this  Astroturf Dubai proving very effective for conserving energy and resources, it is also helping to save money in the process. In reality, there are many great advantages to getting an Astroturf Dubai Lawn to replace your regular lawn, and if you’re thinking of purchasing one, here are a few things you should know ahead of time.

Astroturf Dubai is incredibly realistic

One reason why many people tend to be put off at the prospect of installing Astroturf Dubai on their property is  they think that because it has the word ‘artificial’, ‘fake’, or ‘synthetic’ in the title, that it will somehow look cheap and unrealistic. In reality however, the exact opposite is true as synthetic grass Dubai is now manufactured in such a manner that the materials used look incredibly lifelike and realistic, and in reality, unless you got extremely up close and examined it thoroughly, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between real grass, and Astroturf Dubai.

Astroturf Dubai is very safe

Astroturf Dubai is considered extremely safe and hygienic, and for that reason it is used in playgrounds, playing fields, sports pitches, and other similar locations all over the world. To begin with, the surface is very soft and forgiving underfoot, so in the event of slips, trips, or falls, there is much less chance of an injury occurring. Then there’s the hygiene factor. Whether you have it on your garden, or used on a playground or playing field perhaps,  Astroturf Dubai is more hygienic than regular grass as it is equipped with fantastic drainage systems which drain away pet urine and other similar substances, destroying the odour and bacteria in the process.

Astroturf Dubai is extremely durable and hardwearing

If you have a real grass lawn, you won’t need anybody to tell you just how badly affected the grass can become if it is tramped upon and walked on regularly, especially if it happens to be wet. The grass can quickly be worn down and turned to mud, and before you know it your once green garden will now be a brown patch of mud.  Astroturf Dubai  however, is extremely durable and hardwearing, which means that no matter the weather, and no matter how much use it gets, even in very high-traffic areas, the blades of “grass” still remain intact and look as good

Astroturf Dubai enquiries – please click here


Sports – The advantages of artificial turf Dubai.

Sport is enjoyed all over the world, especially Dubai both for playing and viewing. The human race has been participating in, and enjoying, various sporting and athletic events for literally centuries upon centuries, just look at the Olympic games made famous by the ancient Greeks for example. As time has progressed however, we’ve invested a great deal of time and money into various sports and as a result have been able to develop state of the art tools, technology, accessories, and equipment designed to not only make us better at what we do, but to also enhance the safety and efficiency of these events as well. One modern advancement which is taking over the sporting world  is the use of artificial turf Dubai. Artificial turf Dubai, offers numerous benefits and advantages for football players, rugby players, athletes, gyms, leisure centres, athletic clubs, and other locations where sporting events and games are played and for that reason we’ll be taking a more in-depth look at exactly why artificial turf Dubai is so important in the sporting world.

Which sports can benefit the most from artificial turf Dubai?

Before we go any further, first off we’ll take a quick look at which sports and events can benefit the most from artificial turf Dubai:


Cricket pitches are now using artificial turf Dubai products more than ever before, especially in warmer parts of the world. Cricket is played and enjoyed all over the planet, though it is especially popular in countries with very hot climates such as India, Sri Lanka, Australia. As there is a lot of sunshine, the grass needs watering everyday or else it dries up  and dies. Cricket clubs spend an absolute fortune on maintenance for their grass pitches, mainly in water, so naturally an artificial grass Dubai product which does not require watering or very much maintenance at all is going to save a fortune.

Football and rugby pitches

Football is the most popular sport in the world and is very demanding, not only on the players, but also on the pitch as well. The players use football boots with studs which rip the grass to shreds. Because of this, looking after the field is a nightmare for groundsmen and costs clubs an absolute fortune, not only in water, but also in general maintenance costs too. Not all football and soccer clubs have millions to spend like bigger clubs in the world, so naturally, every penny will count for them. Rugby players and clubs also experience the same issues, so as a way of saving money and protecting the pitches, more and more clubs are going with artificial turf Dubai surfaces instead.

Mini golf

Mini golf is also very popular and is a fantastic day out for friends and families alike. Unlike real golf greens however, mini golf surfaces do not use real grass as maintaining it on a daily basis would be impossible. Instead, artificial turf Dubai is used in its place and it looks great. The grass can be chosen as short as you would find on a golfing green  and as a result players can make perfect contact with the ball when they’re putting. It’s also hardwearing so it doesn’t wear down after being trampled on for days, weeks, months, even years at a time.

Please contact Easigrass for your artificial turf requirement.

buyers guide to synthetic grass

Synthetic grass Dubai – A buyers guide

Although synthetic grass has only really gained traction over the last decade or so, in reality, synthetic grass Dubai has been around for more than 30 years now, although back then it looked and felt very different to the products you will find in the market now. Synthetic grass Dubai is now used in countries all over the world, even in locations where real grass would thrive. The reason for this is not only the cost-effectiveness and the practicality of these products, but also the fact that they look and feel so incredibly life-like. If you’ve been considering installing synthetic grass Dubai in your back garden, here’s a basic buyer’s guide to help you out.


Consider why synthetic grass Dubai is better than the real thing

Some of us will see or hear the word “synthetic” or “artificial” and will instantly be put off. In reality however, many believe these products to be superior to real grass. Not only is growing grass difficult in areas with lots of hot sunshine and not much rain, but your actual house, as well as your trees and other surrounding buildings can also make it difficult due to the shade they create. If a patch of grass is constantly in the shade, hidden from the sun by a large building, the grass just will not grow. Synthetic grass Dubai gives the look and feel of a finely cut and maintained lawn in all conditions. It’s also much softer and therefore safer, and more pleasant to walk on.


What is the grass being installed on?

If you were to try and install new synthetic grass dubai onto an uneven hard, rocky surface, you’d have a real nightmare levelling it all out, laying under soil, removing rocks, stones, concrete etc. Synthetic grass Dubai grass can be laid on a prepared base or on top of paving stones. If the surface is uneven and bumpy this can be easily levelled.


Ask for samples before you buy

If you went to buy a carpet, you wouldn’t just ask the shop for any carpet and see what turned up, you’d look through samples beforehand, and that’s exactly what you should do with this synthetic grass dubai. There are so many different varieties, in various shades, lengths, thicknesses, and colours etc, that even selecting the perfect product for your garden will be quite a task, though it’s well worth it in the end, so make sure you take your time.

Buyers Guide for Synthetic Grass