Water conservation Dubai

How synthetic turf is able to conserve Dubai water resources

When it comes to hot parts of the world, Dubai is up there as being one of the hottest locations on the planet. For much of the year, even during the winter months, the sky is often clear and blue and the sun often bakes and scorches the earth with temperatures  reaching record breaking highs. The weather is most commonly dry and sunny and as a result, not much rain falls here in Dubai. As there is not as much rain as in other parts of the world, water resources are low and diminishing every day. Many homeowners in Dubai account for a large percentage of their monthly water usage on their gardens, most commonly on their lawns. In order for lawns to remain green, they need two things: sunshine, and water. They have sunshine, in fact they have an abundance of sunshine, but they don’t have the water without human intervention. It is notoriously difficult for grass to grow in this part of the world as the hot sun simply bakes, scorches, and dries out the earth, killing the natural grass. The good news however, is that Dubai’s water issue is slowly beginning to show signs of improvements with the many initiatives currently taking place in and around the city.  Synthetic turf also known as artificial grass is also beginning to play it’s part in helping to conserve water, one garden at a time.

What is synthetic turf? – Artificial grass, also known as synthetic grass, synthetic turf, and Astroturf, is a product designed to look and feel exactly like real grass, except it is made from safe, natural, non-toxic synthetic materials instead. More and more businesses and households are choosing artificial grass as it requires very, very little maintenance, it doesn’t grow. It’s strong, it isn’t destroyed by hot sunshine, and it stays a deep, lush, green colour all year long. It basically provides an eco-friendly, low hassle, cost-effective alternative to real natural grass, and it is becoming more popular with each passing day.

 How is artificial grass helping to conserve Dubai’s water resources? – As mentioned, the temperatures in Dubai are extremely high for much of the year, even in the cooler winter months. The climate is very hot with scorching temperatures and not much rain. Because of this, grass really struggles to grow in this part of the world. Real grass in Dubai is often a dull yellow or brown colour because it has been scorched by the sun and hasn’t had enough water for it to grow properly. Keen gardeners in Dubai will often water their lawns daily, sometimes even twice daily, for prolonged periods of time, and as a result they are using large quantities of water each day which is draining on the local resources. Artificial grass however, is slowly providing a solution to this problem because more and more properties are getting rid of their old dead lawns and are replacing them with synthetic grass and lawns instead. These lawns look almost identical to real lawns, but as they don’t actually grow naturally, they don’t need watering and the sunshine cannot kill the grass either. As there is no need for the grass to be watered, properties with synthetic grass lawns are simply using much less water than they would have previously when they had a natural lawn, and this is doing wonders for natural water resources in the United Arab Emirates, especially Dubai.

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