artificial grass for schools in dubai

Fake grass Dubai improves safety in kids playgrounds

Fake grass for children – why you should consider it.

Our children are our lives and we will do all that we can to ensure that they’re safe and happy at all times. If you have children you’ll also know that looking after them is certainly no easy feat as as it’s a 24/7 job to make sure that they’re safe and are keeping out of trouble. When they’re babies it’s bad enough, but once they’re able to walk, and *gasp, run, things get really difficult. Kids will trip, slip, jump, bang, and fall; there’s no getting around that fact. The only issue is making sure that when they do take a tumble, they simply get back up, dust themselves off, and carry on playing. The playground, for example, is a kid’s best friend, yet it can also be potentially dangerous. Schools and nurseries are now turning to fake grass Dubai to help improve children’s safety in their playgrounds. More and more playgrounds all over the world are installing fake grass Dubai as their default flooring in their playgrounds and the results are extremely impressive. Here’s a look at how fake grass Dubai can help improve children’s safety in the playground.

Less chance of slipping – As natural grass gets trampled on it eventually dies and the earth and dirt beneath the grass is then exposed. This dirt can turn to mud in high traffic areas and the mud can then become very slippery. Slippery surfaces and young excitable children do not mix. Even if the grass remains in relatively decent condition. Fake grass Dubai however, is designed so that at the it is porous and the water drains straight through which means children have more grip and traction underfoot, and are less likely to slip. As this fake grass Dubai can never die, there is no need to worry about slippery mud either.

It’s much softer – Although there is less chance of a child slipping on fake grass Dubai, children do still slip and trip and they are still going to fall. Instead of falling on hard soil and dirt beneath a thin layer of natural grass however, the kids will fall instead on the fake grass Dubai, which is much softer and helps to absorb the impact of the fall, cushioning the blow making it much safer for your kids.

No nasty surprises hidden in long grass and the dirt – In playgrounds all over the world, bugs and creepy crawlies and pets are attracted to grass. Dog owners should clear up after their animals but they unfortunately don’t always. This mess can then get trampled into the grass and dirt, and can become hidden. Animal mess is very dangerous, which is why fake grass Dubai is so effective. Not only does fake grass Dubai deter animals from using the playground as their toilet, but, as the grass never grows, any excrement which may have been left will be far more visible. This is true for other harmful materials including broken glass and sharp objects which can be hidden by long grass and trampled into the mud.


Fake grass Dubai for schools and nurseries