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4 reasons why Synthetic Grass Dubai is perfect for your villa

4 reasons why synthetic grass Dubai is perfect for your villa 

Over the last few years, synthetic turf Dubai has become more and more popular in homes, businesses, hotels, and villas all over the world, particularly in notoriously hot locations where real grass struggles to grow. Dubai for example, is incredibly hot, pretty much all year long, even in the cooler winter months and because of that, grass, trees, and general greenery really tends to struggle. The answer to this problem however, is synthetic turf Dubai. Here, fake grass in Dubai has really taken off and is becoming a common sight in homes and villas all over the region. If you yourself are the proud owner of a Dubai villa, and would like something other than dull stone or wood in your gardens, synthetic turf Dubai could be exactly what you’re looking at. Here’s a look at just 4 reasons why artificial grass is perfect for your Dubai villa.

It stays green all year long – As mentioned, the temperature in Dubai is extremely hot, with clear blue skies and scorching hot sunshine very much the norm on an everyday basis. Whilst that probably sounds pretty pleasant to most of you, it can be pretty troublesome for anybody looking to grow plants and grass. Whereas the grass should ideally be a lush green colour, more often than not, natural grass in Dubai is instead a dull yellow/brown which is not very attractive to look at. Synthetic turf Dubai however, stays green all year long because it’s synthetic and it doesn’t require water and nutrients to thrive. Once it is fitted it will stay the same brilliant shade of green for years to come, making it a much more appealing option than real grass.

It’s  cost effective – If people do insist on having real grass in their gardens in Dubai, in order to do so they must first get used to the idea that their water bill is going to be sky high. Due to the scorching temperatures, grass needs to be watered every single day in Dubai, and it will need it in vast amounts. This in turn can cost a small fortune in water, and that’s before you factor in the water required for everyday living such as bathing, washing up etc. As mentioned previously, synthetic turf grass requires no nutrients, no fertilisers, and no water, and it still remains as green as ever, making it extremely cost effective.

No real maintenance required –Synthetic turf always remains the same length as it does not grow. It doesn’t break down and turn into mud underfoot. Plus it isn’t disrupted by insects, or dug up by animals that wish to use it as their own personal toilet. Basically once it’s laid you can sit back and relax and do nothing, other than maybe pick up the odd few leaves that may have fallen from neighbouring trees and bushes every few weeks

It’s incredibly lifelike – People are often put off by words such as synthetic or artificial or fake as they think the products in question will look unrealistic compared with how they’re supposed to look. Synthetic grass Dubai however, is incredibly lifelike and truthfully without having a close up look at the grass itself, you really can’t tell the difference between real grass and artificial grass.

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