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4 Reasons Artificial Grass in Dubai Is child-friendly

Most of the time when your hear the term ‘artificial’, the first thing you think of is the use of chemicals to produce the artificial material. This is perhaps one of the reasons why a lot of parents choose to forego the use of artificial grass UAE in their apartments and villas. The thing is, not all artificial products cause harm, in fact most don’t but this is not commonly known. They are artificial in a way that even though they may not actually be real, they serve as alternative solution to the traditionally used options, the prime example of this is artificial grass.

This is the same thing with the use of artificial turf. Even though, in reality, it is fake grass it is environment-friendly, especially when it comes to safety and maintenance. If you are worried about your child’s safety, artificial grass Dubai is your best option.

Here are 4 reasons why artificial grass is kid-friendlier than the real thing:

1. No need for pesticides and fertiliser

If you are using real grass, you may have to use fertilisers in order to help your grass grow or even just to keep is alive. You may even use pesticides in order to get rid of insects which may harm your grass and bite your children. However, these fertilisers contain chemicals that are dangerous not just to the environment, but also to your kids. That is not a problem when using artificial grass Dubai.

2. Cushioned surface

With fake grass Dubai, you don’t have to worry about a dangerous slip or fall. Cushioning increases safety. This is the very reason why sports leagues also use synthetic grass on their playing fields. Natural grass in the UAE and can become extremely hard due to the sun’s ability to bake the ground. When using artificial grass you can either use a shock pad which give extra padding to the grass system or even without the shock pad the grass is thick and spongy all year around.

3. No mud

With artificial grass Dubai a silica sand infill provides stability to the grass whilst also encouraging water drainage. This means no mud. Whilst mud isn’t directly dangerous when it rains in Dubai it really rains. This creates puddles and muddy patches which are easy to slip over in. With artificial grass this isn’t a concern. You’ll also be loading the washing machine a lot less too!!

4. No grass stains

Grass stains are such a headache. They just won’t come out. On the other hand, artificial grass uses materials that which do not leave stains on your clothes. Therefore, even if your child chooses to crawl all over the easigrass artificial grass, their clothes will be spick and span.

With all the reasons presented above, it is reasonable to conclude that artificial grass Dubai isa great option when compared to natural grass.

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