Sports – The advantages of artificial turf Dubai.

Sport is enjoyed all over the world, especially Dubai both for playing and viewing. The human race has been participating in, and enjoying, various sporting and athletic events for literally centuries upon centuries, just look at the Olympic games made famous by the ancient Greeks for example. As time has progressed however, we’ve invested a great deal of time and money into various sports and as a result have been able to develop state of the art tools, technology, accessories, and equipment designed to not only make us better at what we do, but to also enhance the safety and efficiency of these events as well. One modern advancement which is taking over the sporting world  is the use of artificial turf Dubai. Artificial turf Dubai, offers numerous benefits and advantages for football players, rugby players, athletes, gyms, leisure centres, athletic clubs, and other locations where sporting events and games are played and for that reason we’ll be taking a more in-depth look at exactly why artificial turf Dubai is so important in the sporting world.

Which sports can benefit the most from artificial turf Dubai?

Before we go any further, first off we’ll take a quick look at which sports and events can benefit the most from artificial turf Dubai:


Cricket pitches are now using artificial turf Dubai products more than ever before, especially in warmer parts of the world. Cricket is played and enjoyed all over the planet, though it is especially popular in countries with very hot climates such as India, Sri Lanka, Australia. As there is a lot of sunshine, the grass needs watering everyday or else it dries up  and dies. Cricket clubs spend an absolute fortune on maintenance for their grass pitches, mainly in water, so naturally an artificial grass Dubai product which does not require watering or very much maintenance at all is going to save a fortune.

Football and rugby pitches

Football is the most popular sport in the world and is very demanding, not only on the players, but also on the pitch as well. The players use football boots with studs which rip the grass to shreds. Because of this, looking after the field is a nightmare for groundsmen and costs clubs an absolute fortune, not only in water, but also in general maintenance costs too. Not all football and soccer clubs have millions to spend like bigger clubs in the world, so naturally, every penny will count for them. Rugby players and clubs also experience the same issues, so as a way of saving money and protecting the pitches, more and more clubs are going with artificial turf Dubai surfaces instead.

Mini golf

Mini golf is also very popular and is a fantastic day out for friends and families alike. Unlike real golf greens however, mini golf surfaces do not use real grass as maintaining it on a daily basis would be impossible. Instead, artificial turf Dubai is used in its place and it looks great. The grass can be chosen as short as you would find on a golfing green  and as a result players can make perfect contact with the ball when they’re putting. It’s also hardwearing so it doesn’t wear down after being trampled on for days, weeks, months, even years at a time.

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