buyers guide to synthetic grass

Synthetic grass Dubai – A buyers guide

Although synthetic grass has only really gained traction over the last decade or so, in reality, synthetic grass Dubai has been around for more than 30 years now, although back then it looked and felt very different to the products you will find in the market now. Synthetic grass Dubai is now used in countries all over the world, even in locations where real grass would thrive. The reason for this is not only the cost-effectiveness and the practicality of these products, but also the fact that they look and feel so incredibly life-like. If you’ve been considering installing synthetic grass Dubai in your back garden, here’s a basic buyer’s guide to help you out.


Consider why synthetic grass Dubai is better than the real thing

Some of us will see or hear the word “synthetic” or “artificial” and will instantly be put off. In reality however, many believe these products to be superior to real grass. Not only is growing grass difficult in areas with lots of hot sunshine and not much rain, but your actual house, as well as your trees and other surrounding buildings can also make it difficult due to the shade they create. If a patch of grass is constantly in the shade, hidden from the sun by a large building, the grass just will not grow. Synthetic grass Dubai gives the look and feel of a finely cut and maintained lawn in all conditions. It’s also much softer and therefore safer, and more pleasant to walk on.


What is the grass being installed on?

If you were to try and install new synthetic grass dubai onto an uneven hard, rocky surface, you’d have a real nightmare levelling it all out, laying under soil, removing rocks, stones, concrete etc. Synthetic grass Dubai grass can be laid on a prepared base or on top of paving stones. If the surface is uneven and bumpy this can be easily levelled.


Ask for samples before you buy

If you went to buy a carpet, you wouldn’t just ask the shop for any carpet and see what turned up, you’d look through samples beforehand, and that’s exactly what you should do with this synthetic grass dubai. There are so many different varieties, in various shades, lengths, thicknesses, and colours etc, that even selecting the perfect product for your garden will be quite a task, though it’s well worth it in the end, so make sure you take your time.

Buyers Guide for Synthetic Grass