Reasons Why You Should Install Artificial Grass in Dubai

Reasons Why You Should Install Artificial Grass in Dubai

3 reasons why you should install Artificial Grass in Dubai

Why We Love Artificial Grass (And You Should, Too!)

For many people the idea of installing artificial grass in Dubai can seem like a bit of a luxury, but that needn’t be the case. Not only can it help make your home aesthetically pleasing, adding value to your property, it can and will make your life easier. Trust us (we’ll tell you why shortly).

Now obviously we might be a bit biased when we say that we absolutely love artificial grass, but it’s not without good reason.

In fact, here are 3 great reasons why adding quality artificial grass to your property will be the best decision you make in 2016.

Reason #1 ‐ Low Maintenance, High Reward

Real grass requires a very real commitment, and when it comes to maintaining a healthy, natural lawn, you can end up spending an awful lot of time and money taking care of it.
Enter artificial grass. Once it has been installed, there’s very little you need to worry about. Guaranteed for 6 years, and with an average lifespan of between 10 and 15 years, you can just kick back and admire the extremely real looking fake grass now taking pride of place in your garden.

Oh, and remember when we said it’d make your life easier earlier? Well replacing grass with an artificial alternative means you can wave goodbye to spending hours mowing and weeding your lawn. Result!

Now that’s all good and well, but what about this “high reward?”

The fact is that in the long run installing artificial turf in Dubai will save you money. There’s no two ways about it. Your water bill will be reduced significantly (by up to 70% in some cases) thanks to no longer having to keep your lawn consistently watered.

Reason #2 ‐ Ideal for Pets & Kids

If you have pets or kids then adding artificial turf to your yard should be a no‐brainer. As a parent or animal lover, all you really want is a safe, clean environment for your child or furry friend to play.

With our Easigrass™ shockpad underlay, you’ll feel safe in the knowledge that should your child take a tumble they’ll be protected from injury. Also, you have the added bonus of removing grass stains from the equation!

Where your pets are concerned, the durability of artificial grass comes into its own. A natural lawn subjected to cats and dogs will typically be riddled with holes and patches of dead grass to mark the spot when nature called. Installing artificial grass for pets will keep your property looking pristine as pee drains through and solid waste is easily removed.

Reason #3 ‐ It’s GREAT for the Environment

Dubai’s climate, humidity and lack of rainfall does not lend itself to the easy growth and maintenance of natural greenery, and grass is no different. In order for real grass to flourish in the arid conditions of the UAE, it requires water, and lots of it.

If you care about water conservation like we do, then you’ll love the fact that synthetic grass is tailor made to help conserve water in Dubai by removing one of the major causes of water wastage there is, the sprinkler.

And, not only do you never have to water your artificial grass, you don’t need to use any nasty or potentially harmful pesticides either. Another huge win for the environment right there!

Embrace the Easigrass Revolution

There you have it, 3 pretty fantastic reasons to make the switch to artificial turf. Join the Easigrass revolution and soon you’ll be feeling the most realistic synthetic grass between your toes (and also feeling pretty smug about all the money and water you’re saving!).

Not convinced? If you need even more reasons to swap your dry, brown grass with green, luscious, real looking artificial grass then please get in touch to speak with one of our specialists today.