Artificial Grass For Tennis Courts

For Easigrass™ Sport, it’s where it all began.

We started installing artificial grass tennis courts 25 years ago, and we haven’t looked back since. While our techniques and technology have changed and improved, our passion for tennis has remained as strong as it was all those years ago.

Thanks to our unrivalled experience in installing tennis courts, we can help you choose the most appropriate synthetic surface for your requirements. And our excellent artificial surfaces make playing tennis an absolute joy.

With proper maintenance, you’ll enjoy slow to medium paced matches for almost a decade, with no discolouring or impact to the quality of the surface during that time. Regular brushing keeps the court pristine and reduces the maintenance costs usually associated with real grass tennis courts.


Installing an artificial tennis court in Dubai is good for the game, good for the environment, and good for business. Here’s why:

Low Maintenance, Low Cost

Keeping a real grass tennis court playable is hard work. It requires a huge amount of time, energy, and money to ensure the court is fit for purpose.

An artificial grass court on the other hand only needs a minimal amount of maintenance to retain its quality. This level of maintenance is both affordable and effective, meaning fewer man hours spent tending to the court, and lower costs associated with labour, equipment, and water (a huge bonus in the arid conditions of the UAE).

And while the initial outlay for the installation of an artificial turf system will be higher than that of real grass, these costs will be offset by reducing the previously mentioned maintenance costs.

Play More Tennis

Unlike natural grass courts, artificial tennis courts can be played on all year round as they aren’t susceptible to weather damage. They have terrific drainage, won’t be damaged by intense sunlight, and will always be ready for an epic five set match, no matter the weather.

Sell More Courts

If you run a sports centre, or manage the sports facilities at a school or local authority, then installing artificial grass tennis courts is a great opportunity to increase revenue for your organisation.

Synthetic grass can withstand more tennis than real grass, and more playable surfaces equates to more people being able to play and more bookings being taken.

Using our artificial turf for your next tennis court is a grand slam. Chat to us today to find out more.

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ITF Standard Surfaces

With tennis routinely played on various surfaces, it’s important that each type of surface holds up under the high level of performance associated with the sport.

Our surfaces meet the standards set out by the International Tennis Federation (ITF). With the necessary level of quality and craftsmanship required to produce a consistently high standard of tennis, our artificial tennis courts are the ideal option for a wide range of settings.

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High Performance Sports Solutions from Easigrass

The Easigrass™ Sport team can tap into over 25 years of experience in order to develop and manufacture your ideal artificial grass tennis court. We will work with you to ensure you receive the ideal surface for your circumstances, providing you with a tennis court that will bring you boundless enjoyment while adding real value to your property.

The high density short pile tennis court surface is ideal for high performance matches or training, with the added bonus of reduced maintenance. Affordable, durable, and specifically designed for smooth and fast‐paced tennis, our artificial grass will change the way you play.

When installing tennis courts, we currently use our MT15 turf system. This is ideal for educational organisations or sports centres due to its versatile and durable nature.

Underpinned by the latest artificial turf technology, this soft and curly textured grass is installed with a sand infill, with a shockpad layer available if required. Our sports surfaces are suitable for multiple school sports, guaranteeing the highest standards of performance year‐round.

From back garden tennis court installations to multiple courts for schools and training facilities, Easigrass™ Sport has done it all, and continues to the lead the way when it comes to superior quality artificial grass tennis courts.

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