Artificial Grass For Cricket Pitches

As an English company, cricket is very close to our hearts. And as the sport becomes more and more popular with expats and locals alike in the UAE, we believe it deserves to be played on the highest quality surface, no matter the time of year.

Easigrass™ Sport can match the playing condition of any cricket pitch around the world thanks to our superior synthetic grass system. Real grass pitches are difficult to maintain, especially when it comes to the outfields and wickets which are quickly worn down. Our artificial grass pitches will remain in the same high standard condition from the moment it is installed, with only minimal maintenance required.

Whether you’d like install a back garden practice wicket, or an official club pitch, Easigrass™ Sport has the experience and know‐how to make your cricket dreams a reality.


Installing an artificial cricket wicket in Dubai is good for the game, good for the environment, and good for business. Here’s why:

Low Maintenance, Low Cost

Keeping a natural grass cricket wicket and outfield playable is tough work, particularly in the heat and humidity of the UAE. It takes a tremendous amount of time, energy, and money to ensure the pitch is fit for purpose.

Artificial grass on the other hand needs only a minimal amount of maintenance to retain its quality. This level of maintenance is both affordable and effective, meaning fewer man hours spent tending to the pitch, and lower costs associated with labour, equipment, and water.

And while the initial outlay for the installation of any artificial turf system will be higher than that of real grass, these costs will be significantly offset by reducing the previously mentioned maintenance costs.

Better Playing Conditions

Unlike natural grass fields, artificial cricket pitches can be played on year round without succumbing to adverse weather conditions. The superior drainage absorbs water without flooding, and the harsh Dubai sunshine won’t damage the surface. Every single time you prepare to bowl or bat, our pitch will remain in pristine condition 365 days a year, rain or shine. Say goodbye to cancelled training sessions and rescheduled fixtures.

Arrange More Matches

If you run a sports centre, or manage the sports facilities at a school or local authority, then installing an artificial grass cricket pitch is a terrific investment for your organisation.

Compared to real grass, our artificial surfaces can withstand more cricket, and more playable surfaces equates to more people being able to play, meaning you can confidently take more bookings and arrange more fixtures.

Use our artificial turf for your cricket pitch and you’ll knock your competition for six. Chat to us today to find out more.

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Installing Artificial Grass for Cricket

When selecting the ideal artificial grass for cricket, we always recommend using our MT15 multi‐sport turf system. This versatile and durable product is perfectly suited for top educational institutions and sports facilities wishing to cater to as many different sports as possible.

Leveraging the latest technology, we can produce soft textured turf with a sand infill and with or without a shockpad, resulting in a surface suitable for multiple high performance year‐round school sports.

High Performance Sports Solutions from Easigrass

Our artificial turf systems are ideal for high performance sports such as cricket, and we’re confident they can outperform even the best real grass pitches anywhere in the world.

If you play for or manage a cricket team, you’ll know just how much running and jumping is involved in competitive matches. Our artificial pitch is specifically designed for these aspects of the sport, with a soft synthetic grass and a shock pad layer beneath to reduce the likelihood of injury and increase the quality of gameplay.

Our range of products are fully tested and approved, and can be tailor‐made to meet particular circumstances and specifications.

Easigrass™ Sport can install any size and standard of cricket pitch required, leaving players safe and happy to focus on their game, knowing what’s underfoot is tailormade for their sport.

Are you ready to turn your patchy pitch into a field of dreams?
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