Artificial Grass For Football Pitches

It’s the world’s most popular sport, and it’s being enjoyed by more and more people every single year. In fact, here in the UAE alone there are over 80,000 footballers playing the beautiful game at various levels. And they deserve to play on a beautiful surface.

Real grass pitches suffer from wear and tear, and become especially difficult to maintain to the standards required for competitive matches and regular training.

That’s why many of the world’s top football clubs have chosen artificial grass over its natural counterpart. Synthetic football turf has been given the thumbs up by the game’s governing body FIFA, and an increasing number of UEFA Champions League and Europa League matches take place on synthetic 3G football pitches every season.

Clubs who have installed artificial pitches are benefiting greatly; a synthetic turf can be used for more than 1 500 hours per season, compared to only 150 hours for real grass.


Installing an artificial football pitch in Dubai is good for the game, good for the environment, and good for business. Here’s why:

Low Maintenance, Low Cost

Keeping a natural grass football pitch playable is hard work. It requires a huge amount of time, energy, and money to ensure the pitch is fit for purpose.

Artificial grass on the other hand will require a minimal amount of maintenance to retain its quality. This level of maintenance is both affordable and effective, meaning fewer man hours spent tending to the pitch, and lower costs associated with labour, equipment, and water.

And while the initial outlay for the installation of an artificial football turf system will be higher than that of a real grass pitch, these costs will be offset by reducing the previously mentioned maintenance costs.

Improved Playing Conditions

Natural grass football pitches are unreliable. From divots and dust, to mud and water, there’s no shortage of issues that can lead to poor quality matches or cancelled training sessions.

So when it comes to a consistent footballing experience, artificial playing surfaces are the league leaders. They won’t succumb to weather damage, they are designed to drain excess water away to prevent waterlogged pitches, and they won’t freeze over. All of this means that, come rain or shine, your team can train hard and play hard all year round. Cancellations will finally be a thing of the past.

Increased Capacity

If you run a sports facility, then installing a durable artificial football pitch provides you with the same level of capacity as around three natural grass football pitches. This means the synthetic grass can withstand more football than real grass. More playable surfaces equates to more teams being able to play and more bookings being taken.

And with the durability and versatility of artificial grass pitches, you can increase revenue by hosting events such as live music without compromising the quality of the playing surface.

Installing artificial turf for your football team really is a game changer Chat to us today to find out more.

Westway Sports Centre
The Westway Sports Centre in west London is probably the busiest football centre in the country, with non stop use for over 12 hours each day. Already two football pitches had been worn out, the latter after only 7 years. Easigrass Sport was commissioned to replace the old surface and rubber pad with a new insitu rubber pad and Rhino-Turf VT50 surface. The resultant installation carried out by Sports Surface Solutions meets football standards and has already proven popular with local Premier League QPR and Division One Brentford, who both use the pitch for academy coaching.

Chelsea Football Club
We also installed an artificial football pitch at Chelsea Football Club Academy.

“A quick note to say how we appreciate the way your teams worked, both at Stamford Bridge and also the Academy training pitches at Cobham. They proved to be punctual, reliable and professional in their approach to the projects and a credit to Rhino-Turf.”

Jason GriffinChelsea Football Club
Chelsea Football Club

Types of Artificial Grass for Football

Our innovative turf concepts ensure players experience a safe and stable playing surface. The fully integrated root zone protection ensures infill splash reduction, resulting in less infill migration and a more even playing field.

We use the following types of artificial grass when installing football pitches:


This artificial turf system was designed specifically for the professional game. Meeting international standards with an effective shockpad layer, it is also ideal for 5‐a‐side football without the shockpad installed.


An artificial turf system designed to meet the highest performance standards without a shockpad layer.


This turf system is installed with a suitable shockpad layer, making it the ideal product for both professional football and hockey clubs seeking a durable dual surface.

Chelsea FC Artificial Grass Logo
Blue artificial grass football field
Adidas Artificial Grass Logo

High Performance Sports Solutions from Easigrass

Our artificial turf systems are ideal for high performance football, and we’re confident they can outperform even the very best real grass football pitches.

The artificial pitch we provide is specifically designed for a fast‐paced high impact sport such as football. The synthetic grass is soft, and thanks to a shock pad layer beneath the pitch we can significantly reduce the likelihood of impact injuries during a game.

We also understand that some people are put off by the possibility of skin abrasions when sliding into tackles or diving to make saves. That’s why we always use long pile artificial grass to minimise the friction and mimic the feeling of natural grass.

With experience ranging from local 5‐a‐side pitches to English Premiership training grounds, including working with four‐time Premier League Champions Chelsea, Easigrass™ Sport has it done it all when it comes to football. Our expert teams have installed pitches for private individuals, football clubs, local authorities and municipalities, and schools around the world.

When it comes to installing artificial turf for football, trust Easigrass™ to meet the highest standards necessary.

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Questions we are often asked about football and Soccer field artificial grass:

How much is professional soccer field grass? This is an open-ended question as there are so many different types of professional soccer field grass and there are also many options for example the length of the artificial soccer grass and also shock pad variations. There are so many different types of soccer field artificial grass that it is best to speak to one of our professionals to discuss which FIFA recommended artificial turf is best for you.

We are often asked how much does it cost to build a turf soccer field or how much does a grass soccer field cost? This is similar to the answer above as the product used and the size of the field can vary greatly. If you would like to discuss the options for your FIFA approved artificial turf football pitch then please give us a call and we can give you the details you need.

If you are looking for indoor soccer floor turf details then you have come to the right place as we are specialist at providing indoor soccer and football turf in Dubai.

How much does it cost to make in indoor soccer turf field? Indoor soccer fields in Dubai are easier to price as there is less base work needed. It is still difficult to estimate the cost of the indoor football pitch as there are lots of variables but we can always discuss the options on the phone. Please send an enquiry with details of the soccer pitch and we will send you an estimated price for the synthetic turf soccer pitch.

We are also often asked how to build a turf soccer field. The basics are as follows: We excavate the existing earth, usually sand here in Dubai and the UAE. We then introduce the base layer of crushed rock that the FIFA 2 star artificial turf will sit on. Once the base is perfect we introduce the synthetic turf in large rolls. The grass we use depends on the client’s choice but it is usually a Synthetic FIFA 2 star approved artificial turf as we are a FIFA preferred producer of artificial turf so most of are products are FIFA 1 star or FIFA 2 star products.

FIFA 1 Star or FIFA 2 Star Football Turf

We are always asked if we are a FIFA certified football turf manufacturer? All of our products are manufactured by a FIFA certified football turf manufacturer.

FIFA 1 Star or FIFA 2 Star has now become FIFA Quality and FIFA Quality Pro, although people often still refer to FIFA 1 Star or FIFA 2 Star. FIFA 1 Star artificial turf became FIFA Quality artificial turf and FIFA 2 Star artificial turf became FIFA Quality Pro artificial turf .

If you are looking for FIFA approved artificial turf in the UAE then you have come to the right place. Our FIFA approved artificial turf is used by Chelsea Football Club at their training ground in the UK.