Transform your garden ready for Christmas

The holidays are coming – and tis the season when we all delight in throwing open our doors to entertain families and friends in our homes, and get together to celebrate Christmas.

It’s a magical time, and no more so than here in Dubai, where all the things we love about Christmas – the sparkling lights, the baubles, the trees and decorations – are plentiful.

It has become a hugely popular festival here with Christmas fairs, carol concerts and performances of The Nutcracker Suite ballet enjoyed by many. Last year, Chris Fountain, managing director of Turret Media who organises the Dubai Christmas Fest, commented: ‘It’s an amazing family festival. It’s grown year on year. I think everyone from all nationalities, all walks of life in Dubai enjoys a good celebration.’

But, having turned your home into a winter wonderland with the obligatory Christmas tree, and created a glittering delight throughout, have you considered how best to transform your garden for the season?

The entertainment of guests often spills out into the garden, especially with temperatures in the mid 20s, and your outside area may well become the focal point for those fun times, parties and family gatherings.

Does your garden match the beauty and lavish decor so lovingly created indoors? At this time of year, we can be let down by the sandy burnt-out grass in our gardens that has taken its toll during the months of relentless Middle Eastern sun.

So, before the party season gets into full swing, why not give some thought to rejuvenating your outside living area, and how best to turn it into a welcoming place for your guests, where you can all enjoy the sunshine and the Christmas festivities? Luckily for you, we can offer the perfect, and easy, solution.

Artificial grass can transform any outside area that is in need of some TLC. Immediately, you can create a beautiful place for entertaining in time for the Christmas period and, here at Easigrass, we understand the desire to have an all-year round, easy-to-maintain lawn. In fact, our grasses, designed in the UK, look so authentic that they are often mistaken for the real thing.

All our artificial grass products are designed to withstand the damaging effects of the sun and are produced without the use of lead – or, indeed, any other harmful chemicals.

And, by transforming your garden with our artificial grass solutions, you can continue enjoying your Easigrass long after the crackers are pulled, the decorations are put away and the wrapping paper has been discarded. So, this year, why not spruce up your garden as well as your home – for Christmas and for the coming year ahead of us? Happy 2016!