The Springs, Dubai Artificial Grass installation by Easigrass

Why did the customer choose to have artificial grass installed in their garden?

Easigrass were contacted by a client who was living in the well established Springs Community in Dubai. This client had two children and they loved being outside on the climbing frame but there were certain area around the climbing frame where the kids jumped or landed and the grass was getting totally warn away. At the bottom of the slide the grass was totally gone and it was just mud. As a result of this every time the kids went back into the house they took half the garden in sand and mud with them. Not only this every time they went outside their clothes came back stained and muddy. The client was getting fed up with is and was looking for a solution.

the springs artificial grass installation

We went to meet the client in their Springs Villa to see if artificial grass would be a possible solution. It was clear as soon as we arrived that there were areas of the lawn that had worn away much quicker, especially around the base of the jungle gym. It looked unsightly and definitely needed a solution.

Product Choice:

The client decided to go with the 35mm Easi-Mayfair. It’s extremely hard wearing and can take anything that the kids will throw at it. It’s used in commercial areas where there is high footfall and is perfect anywhere where the grass is likely to be used heavily. In this case with kids playing and a climbing frame it needed to be a hard wearing so it was the obvious choice.

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