Mira Community, Dubailand, Dubai Artificial Grass installation by Easigrass

Why did the customer choose to have artificial grass installed in their garden?

Easigrass were contacted by a client who was just moving into in the brand brand villa in Mira Community in Dubai which is a beautiful new residential area out by the Al Quadra cycle track on the way to the lakes and Bas Al Shams Hotel.

This particular client was busy and often out of the country and therefore wanted as low maintenance garden as possible and was aware, from previous experience, that the most time consuming element of a garden can often be the lawn. The client had no interest in hiring a gardener to mow the grass, water it and seed it but they still wanted to have a lawn of some sort in the garden.

mira community dubailand artificial grass

We went to meet the client in their Villa in Mira to see if artificial grass would be a possible solution. The client explained that they wanted to look out of the window and see a beautiful garden and a green, natural looking lawn but at the same time they wanted to bring the maintenance down to a minimum. The was a very clear area where the lawn should go and there was no question about it the the solution was artificial grass.

We explained that because we remove all the sprinklers and irrigation from the lawn he didn’t need to worry about any leaks or issues with water whilst he was away. Removing all the irrigation gave him the peace of mind when he was travelling and he left the gardener to give the surrounding plants a quick spray once a day.

Product Choice:

In situations where the client has little or no time to tend to the garden artificial grass is the perfect solution. It looks great, feels great and requires little maintenance. The client selected our 30mm Easi-Knightsbridge. Th Easi-Knightsbridge looks extremely natural and feels great to walk on but is a little more cost effective than the 35mm Easi-Mayfair.

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