Football pitch replacement at Mirdif Private School in Dubai

Football pitch replacement

Easigrass were contacted by Mirdif Private School in Dubai, UAE and asked to come and have a look their artificial grass football pitch. On viewing the football pitch is was clear that it had been down for a long time and not maintained. The yarn had almost completely disappeared and the infill was thick and hard and dirty. Although the pitch had been done for a while it had clearly served it’s purpose will but it was definitely time for a replacement.

The surround was not in as bad a condition as the actual pitch as it had not been used as much so the obvious thing to do was to try and replace the pitch and leave the surround as it was.

The artificial grass product that was selected was The Easigrass Easi-Football 40 MX – a 40mm cost effective product perfect for a school environment. The grass is then infilled with sand to give the system support and hold it all in place and then rubber for performance and safety.

We removed the exiting football pitch and placed it safely in the refuse area of the school. The new soccer pitch was then ready to be installed.

The sports pitch is made green first and then the white lines are measured and cut from strips of grass and then into the synthetic turf pitch. Once all the lines are in the grass is then infilled with sand and rubber.

Please watch this time lapse video of the Easigrass Dubai team in action.

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