Artificial grass lawn in Dubai – Maintenance Tips

Maintaining an Artificial grass lawn in Dubai

Once you’ve invested in a high quality Easigrass artificial grass lawn in Dubai, you’ll want to keep it looking its very best. There are some dos and don’ts if you want to keep it in the fabulous condition in which it was installed.

The most simple form of maintenance is sweeping your artificial grass with a stiff broom. At least once a month, use a stiff bristle brush to sweep your lawn in several different directions. Not only will this remove any surface dirt and dust you’ll also be ensuring that each blade of artificial grass is kept upright and not standing back up straight again. As with all artificial grass products over time there will flatten slightly, this is very normal with a Dubai artificial grass lawn but regular brushing can slow this down quite considerably.

If animals are walking across your artificial grass lawn in Dubai then you’ll need to be quite vigilant and make sure that any mess on the surface is cleaned up straight away. First of all you need to remove and solid debris, then water can be sprayed or poured over the area to rinse away any residual mess. If you have a dog or cat that likes to use the artificial grass lawn as their ‘spot’ then you need to keep the grass rinsed to prevent any build up of urine and therefore smell. If you’ve got a more stubborn stain, some household detergent such as a weak solution of washing up liquid applied with a stiff brush should remove it.

Here’s a helpful guide to keep your artificial grass lawn in Dubai looking its best:

  • Use detergent and water on: Milk, tomato sauce, soft drinks, alcohol, butter coffee, tea, ice cream, blood, fruit juice, mustard.
  • Use mineral spirits (very sparingly) on: Suntan lotion, cooking oil, grease, nail polish, ink, shoe polish.
  • Try to protect your lawn from crushing. The blades of the artificial grass lawn can be very easily compressed by garden furniture, such as tables and chairs, so try to keep those on patio areas, and not your artificial lawn.
  • Naked flames and other heat sources are definitely not something which should be near your artificial lawn. Cigarettes and cigars can cause irreparable damage. The same applies to barbecues or fireworks, which also carry a risk of heat damage to the artificial grass.
  • Artificial lawns are not an appropriate surface for DIY activities. If you’re painting walls or fences around your artificial lawn, treat it in the same way you would a floor surface in your home by covering it to stop paint drips or spills getting on to it.
  • Adhesives of any sort, such as glue or chewing gum, can be disastrous for artificial lawns, sticking the blades together, and are notoriously difficult to remove.
  • Beware of broken glass. Not only is it dangerous to you, but it can cut the fibres of your artificial grass lawn, damaging its integrity.
  • Parking a vehicle on artificial grass in Dubai can crush the blades, although riding a bicycle or pushing a wheelchair or wheelbarrow across it is absolutely fine.

Follow these simple guidelines, and you’ll have many happy years with your lawn. If you have any questions about your artificial grass lawn in Dubai, get in touch with the team at Easigrass, Dubai’s artificial grass lawn experts.